I felt pretty guilty when I walked of from Marc. It had been Jade that had kissed him, and it wasn't like any of them knew I liked her. Man, I hadn't even really known, till I had seen her lean towards him like that. 

In the living room, I noticed that I was on my own. The phone was free, and it was about time I rang my parents. I would be surprised if they had even realised I was missing. Dialling the number, I waited as it rang. Just as I was about to put it down, somebody answered.

"Hello, this is Delilah Davenport Speaking." I heard my mothers voice say down the phone.

"Hey mum, it's Jake."

"Oh hi baby, what do you want? Can you make it fast, I'm waiting for an important call." She said to me, and I sighed. 

"Just letting you know I'm okay and everything." I said down the phone, quietly. 

"That's nice dear. Is that all?" She said. I could hear her muttering to someone else, like she wasn't even listening to me. 

"Mum. Have you not even realised I've been gone?" I snapped down the phone. It was the second night now that I had disappeared.

"What? Oh, erm yeah. Course I have." She told me but I could tell she was lying. "Your at a friends house aren't you? That lovely Fran's is it?" 

"Fine. If you want to believe that." I said angrily, then slammed the phone down. I was breathing heavily and I just wanted to punch something. I waited for her to ring back, but I knew she wouldn't. She was waiting for an important call, that was more important to her than her son. 

"NO!" I heard a shout coming from the front. I spun round. Jade was in trouble. I changed into a cheetah, and sprinted out of the house just in time to see a huge tree fall on Marc. I ran forward, stopping next to where Jade was lay. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Marc climb out of the branches. 

I tried to pull Jade from the ground, but it was like she was being sucked down. I saw Eve also stuck into place. I turned round, to see a lady laughing at Marc. She was a Black One. Marc walked over to her, and punched her in the face.  She fell to the ground, and then was sucked into the earth. At the same time, Jade was released and she walked over to Marc making sure he was all right I assumed. I stayed where I was. Three was a crowd and all that. 

I wasn't needed in this fight. Marc could protect her. I sprinted off back to the house, where I bumped into Luke. 

"What the hell is going on?" He said to me, as I morphed back into a human being. "Fights here and there, how are they getting in?" I shrugged.

"I don't know, but so far we have seen four of them. There pretty dangerous but we have managed to hold them off, though only just." 

"Luke, take this upstairs to Lucinda and William." Ellie said, coming towards us with two cups of juice. "I took them food before, but I thought they could use a drink. I'm only going to spill it." 

"Sure thing." Luke said taking them from her, and then teleporting away.

"Need a hand with anything?" I asked her. She shook her head.

"Not know, but I thought maybe we could practise flying again. You can turn into a bird can't you? I was going to ask William, but I think he's a bit preoccupied." 

"Sure. Just shout me when you need me." I said, and she smiled walking back into the kitchen.


I turned round to see Jade walking up to me. I sat down on the coach, and she perched herself next to me.

"Are you okay?" She said, looking at me closely. I shrugged. 

"Yeah. Why? Where's Marc?" I asked her, looking closely at the wall. I saw her expression change when I said that.

"You saw me didn't you?" She said quietly. 

"Saw what?" 

"Jake..." she whispered. 

"I'm going to go find Ben. See if he wants that game now." I said to her standing up. I'd made a fool out of myself already. 

"I was upset Jake. I didn't mean it." She said to me, and I put my hand up.

"Jade, you don't need to explain yourself. I'm fine. I hope you both are happy together. Two couples now then in the house. It's getting like a little family isn't it." 

With that I stormed down the cellar. 



The End

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