I was sat at the bottom of the stairs when Ellie rushed passed me, I watched as she came back down yelling at me to find the first air kit. I stood up and closed my eyes; somehow I knew it was under the utility room cupboard perhaps my powers stretched to objects. I picked it up and ran upstairs to the room full of commotion, I handed her the bag,
“Get on the roof Marc,” Jade ordered, I was already on my way, two non-teenage people were up there. I reached the door and burst through it to find Luke standing alone staring at a man looking into a woman’s eye. A few seconds later Ben pushed past me and Jake ran, a foot below normal height, he was a panther, the man turned and with his hand sent out a flame of fire which engulfed Ben and reached behind hitting Jake. Ben’s shirt caught alight but he wasn’t hurt, Jake cried in pain and began to roll around trying to put out the flames; I removed my jumped and swatted Jake’s fur with it. The man threw fire again but Ben made a leaping dive and blocked it, Luke teleported behind the man and smacked him hard. He fell to the ground, I looked back down at Jake and his eyes met mine, he growled at me and made an angry face which made me take a step back. Was he mad at me? I looked back at the action; I was helpless and mortal, Jake stood up and made he way to the man, Ben stopping to watch as he leapt over him and onto the man. His sleek movement was beautiful and elegant as if he had been a cheetah all his life not for the past ten seconds, his anger still remained as his teeth snapped inches from the man’s face. Ben trapped the woman against the wall and yelled,
“Let’s get them to the cellar,” just as he spoke Jade came up, she was alert and smiled as she took everything in,
“Good going guys!” she smiled, I bowed for no reason and Luke teleported next to her,
“Thanks boss,” he laughed. She walked up to the man and spoke,
“We know about you. We know there are more of you. And remember this is the First Battle which we were victorious!” she cried. I sensed another person in the air and looked up to see a huge man falling to earth he landed behind us with a crash; he almost fell over and then regained his balance. He swiftly walked to the woman and touched her, making her disappear, Ben took a step away from the man, he went over to the man and touched the small amount of head showing. He then disappeared, I gasped and was not alone,
“My name is Timaeus. It. Has. Begun!” he shouted and teleported into thin air.

I blew the hair out of my eyes and went back inside, there were no words to describe that, I felt a hand on my shoulder, a hard strong pain inflicting hand,
“Nice going Marc, didn’t see you doing much,” Jake spat,
“I can’t really do much, I’m not immortal or able to become a terrifying cat,” I argued, he smiled,
“I guess not, your power is pretty lame isn’t it? Especially as you didn’t even warn us that they were coming, some talent,” he laughed and walked off ahead of me. I felt another hand on my shoulder, this one was soft and comforting,
“What did Jake just say to you?” Jade asked, her eyes wide,
“Just congratulating me on our victory,” I lied, I didn’t want Jade to know the thought which had just slipped into my head. Jake knew Jade had kissed me, he was angry, naturally, he didn’t know the full story, I sighed.
“What’s wrong?” Jade asked,
“My power sucks,” I shrugged,
“It’s not that bad,” she said,
“I can’t even use it properly,” I complained, “I’m too slow,”
“You’ll get better, anyway I need to find Jake, see you later?” she said rushing ahead.

I made my way outside and was suddenly hit with that same sense of foreboding doom,
"Ellie! Zoey! Lucinda! Jade! Marc! Ben! William! Luke! Jake! Someone!” Came Eve’s voice, I started off over to the edge of the orchard. My senses must have been improving, I knew standing in the midst of me was Atlantis, I didn’t know why I knew, but I did. Eve seemed to be glued to the spot, I walked over to her carefully,
“What’s up?” I asked casually,
“I’m sort of stuck here!” she said angrily, I turned and smiled sweetly at Atlantis, she sneered back at me, I walked towards her she held her hand out towards me, her face under immense concentration. I chuckled,
“Hmmm, not working today?” I asked,
“It’s working on her!” she cried, her voice was dark and low, almost a whisper,
“Not me. Why would that be?” I asked strolling around her, her eyes narrowed, “I think it might be because I have this,” I pulled out my Jade, “I’m just guessing here…” I said slowly as she watched my hand, “But I think our stones are a chip off the same block, if you get me,”
“Eve, Marc!” Jade came running towards us, the woman, Atlantis, threw her hand out and Jade stopped in her tracks, she stumbled and fell to the ground, the gravity keeping her from moving. She was pinned to the floor, like the man had been on the roof, but for different reasons,
“As I was saying,” I continued, “I think my stone counteracts yours,”
“Never!” she cried,
“Well you’re not doing much to me are you?” I laughed, an apple tree swayed and began to topple over, there was no way I could move quick enough to not be hit so I ducked down and threw my arms over my head to protect it.
“NO!” I heard Jade or Eve scream. I felt the branches consume me, I stood up, I wasn’t hurt, nothing was broken, it was a miracle! I climbed out of the tree, okay enough playing, get her! I thought, I ran over to her and landed the hardest punch I could, she fell straight over dropping her stone, I went to pick it up but Eve got there before me. The woman cried out and then the earth around her began to crumble up and she was sucked under it before we could do anything about it. Jade got up and wandered over,
“How many are there?” she said astounded.

The End

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