I drew up a chair near Lucinda's still form...I am not going to leave her. Not to eat, and not to sleep. I went rummaging in the closet that seemed to have everything, hoping there might be a book there I could read, after all I did have a long time to wait before Lucinda would be able to walk again. When I opened the closet door I found, to my not-surprise, that it revealed a shelf of books. I went through the titles looking for one that I might like. I eventually decided on Assassin's Apprentice, the first book in the Farseer series. 

I started to read it out loud, just in case Lucinda could hear me. It was about this kid who was the unlawful son of the crowned prince. Because he was born on the wrong side of the sheets, he couldn't become next in line for the throne, so he was trained as an assassin for the king. The first book was all about his childhood and his childhood love, Molly. I really didn't like Molly that much, she was selfish and didn't think about the main character, Fitz, and what he might be feeling.

I glanced at Lucinda, she actually looked at ease right now, her face was smoothed of all the sad wrinkles. Her gorgeous red hair was fanned out on the pillow, creating a fiery halo. She was so beautiful. I ran my hand over her forehead and down her cheek, her skin was so soft! Even in her sleep, she pushed her face up against my hand as I caressed her. I smiled at that and moved my chair so that I was right beside her instead of facing her. As I continued to read to her I started to run my free hand through her silky hair.

I was about two hundred pages into the book when Ellie popped her head through the door. "Hey, I brought some food for you two...just in case you might be hungry..." she trailed off.

I looked at my watch, 7:36, was it really that late? Wow! "Uh, thanks...I had no idea it was so late!" I commented her as she set down a tray laden with great-smelling food, "Smells really good!" I told her.

She smiled at me, "Thanks!" she said brightly as she left the room.

As much as I didn't want to disturb Lucinda's sleep, she needed to eat and keep her strength up. "Lucinda," I said softly, caressing her face, "you need to wake up and eat."

"Mmmuuh," she groaned and her eyes flickered open., "whaa?" She slurred.

"You need to eat," I told her, "keep your strength up."

"I'm not hungry," Lucinda said, trying to sit up, then wincing in pain and falling back down onto the bed.

"You still need to eat, to keep your strength up and heal," I told her, helping her into a sitting position and propping a pillow behind her back.

"Fine..." Lucinda sighed as I gave her plate of Lasagna. She ate voraciously and I had to keep back a smile. 

After we were finished I helped her lie back down again and she was soon sleeping once again. I picked up the book and resumed reading to her till I fell asleep.

The End

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