I held the phone in my hand. Everyone had all scattered around the house now that the initial commotion was done. What could I say. I know my father, he is a cold calculating business man who just cared about his money. He cared nothing for me. In his eyes I was a failure as a son. Ever since mom died two years ago the two of us drifted apart. Hiding from our grief by taking on each our own identity. He sank deep into his business matters and I signed up for every club and extra curricular activity I could get my hands on.  We seldom spoke and avoided each other. He might not even realize I’m missing. I never shared my A filled report cards or my chess victories. Everyone month he left a thousand bucks on the table for me to take care of myself. Another child would be thrilled. I just shoved the money in my drawer.

                I looked at my scale covered hands and wondered what he would think of me now. My depressing reverie was shattered by a terrible scream it was coming from upstairs. I started up the steps two at a time. Jake came out of no where and was running along side me. He had morphed his legs longer and was taking the steps 4 at a time. We were half way  up when we heard Jade’s call. She wanted Jake  to get to the roof. I sensed the urgency in her voice.  We burst onto the roof. Jake  was now a sleek panther. There was a black garbed man he was examining a woman’s eyes. When he turned around and saw us he, without hesitation unleashed a stream of fire straight at us. My scales had long since been out. I didn’t even feel the green conflagration that struck my chest. But it reduced my shirt to rags.

Jake  was not so fortunate, he yelped and started rolling to put out the flames on his fur.

                The black man was intelligent and instantly saw that I was not being hurt by his flame. He launched another fireball at Jake . Instead of attacking him I had to dive in front of Jake . The man now raised both his hands to unleash some devastating attack when behind Luke suddenly appeared. Luke summed up the situation quickly. Before the man could launch his fiery offensive Luke slammed his fist into the back of his head. The man whirled spewing fire. Luke already had teleported in front of him. The man was off balance and toppled over when Luke’s fist crushed into his jaw I started to run at him but Jake  was way ahead of me. He lept clear over my head and in a single bound he landed on the man. His paws trapped the mans arms to the ground and his impressive array of teeth were inches away from the man’s face. Jake ’s rage filled eyes gleamed but he did not bite.

                 I noticed the black garbed woman was stumbling around trying to hide I ran up to her and grabbed her arms behind her back. I didn’t know who she was but she was obviously in league with the man who had just attacked us.

“Let’s get them to the cellar!” I called to the other two.

The End

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