“Jade! Come up to my room quick!” yelled William. I stood up from the cellar and ran upstairs; I slowed to a walk coming into Williams’s room. He had Lucinda on the bed,

“What’s wrong?” I asked. He lifted up the covers revealing a gruesome hole of blood and black ash. I gasped; I was not expecting that,

“Is there anyone around here who knows anything about first aid? And is there
a first aid kit around here anywhere?” he asked holding onto Lucinda like a limpet.

“My parents were both doctors, I know a bit, I did a first ait course last summer too,” I offered,

“You’ll do!” William granted. I came closer, my eyesight and smell allowed me to see that only her skin had been pierced not any organs, which was good.

“William, we need to get rid of this ash, could you blow it out gently?” I asked,

“Its not ash, it’s her skin,”

“It’s a mixture of both, I can see, could you blow out the parts that aren’t her skin? I’m just going to get a runner.” I said, I turned round and shouted, “ELLIE!” soon enough she came upstairs looking worried, “Could you get Marc to search for a first aid kit, could you get me some salt water and could you get Luke, Jake and Ben up on the roof!” I said quickly,

“What’s on the roof?” she asked,

“I don’t know, I can just hear something. Go!” I ordered she ran back downstairs yelling the instructions. William had blown away most of the ash, he was being very gentle, I pushed him aside,

“Make sure she’s okay,” I ordered, inspecting the wound, I knew she wouldn’t be fit for a few more days. Ellie came back up with the saltwater and Marc appeared a few seconds later with the first aid bag.

“Get on the roof Marc,” I said, “Ellie could you let everyone know what’s happening?” I picked up the glass of saltwater, “This is going to hurt Lucinda, we need to sterilize the wound, it’s not clean,” I said, but I wasn’t sure if she was even with it. I used a cotton bud to dab on the water and then found a pair of tweezers, I used them to gently pick out the small black stones, I then cleaned away the blood.
“Couldn’t you numb her?” William asked,

“With what?” I asked. I continued to clean the wound and when I had finished I taped it up, it was the best I could do, there’s not a medical needle and thread in a regular first aid kit.

“That’s the best I can do,” I said, “Nothing internal was damaged luckily, but she’s not going to be doing much for a while. What happened?” I asked curiosity taking over,
“We were on the roof when Solon and Atlas appeared,”

“The black ones?” I gasped,

“Yes, they attacked us, they have powers too, I’m thinking of calling a group meeting,” he said,

“Good idea. I’m going to check out what’s happening on the roof,” I said getting up and making my way to the door.

When I got there Ben held Solon against the wall and Jake was sat on Atlas, he was in the form of an panther.
“Good going guys!” I applauded the group, Marc bowed and Luke appeared next to me,
“Thanks boss,” he winked. I looked at both the Black ones, they had matching black hair, Solon’s hair was long and she had black eyes which flashed red. Atlas’s hair was messed up and there was a grimace on his face with the pain of the weight on top of him, I walked to the man and knelt down.
“We know about you. We know there are more of you. And just remember this as the First Battle, which we were victorious!” I smiled triumphant, he growled something incoherent. Suddenly there was a rumble and a crash, something had landed from the sky, I turned to see a tall man stumbling over. He stood up and took in the five of us, he then walked to Solon, nobody moved we just watched, he touched her and suddenly she disappeared. Ben’s arms fell slack and he took a step away from the man who must have been seven foot, he went to touch Atlas but was more wary of Jake. He touched Atlas who also disappeared,
“My name is Timaeus. It. Has. Begun!” He yelled and with that he dissipated into the air.

The End

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