"Lucinda!" I screamed, what was happening to her? What were they doing? I looked up at Solon, hate for what she was doing filling every pore in my body.

"Stop it!" I shouted at the woman, distracting her. She broke eye contact with Lucinda and immediately Lucinda relaxed.  I hugged her all the tighter, hoping that somehow holding her closer would protect her from any more pain. When Solon looked up at me, I sent two thin pillars of wind moving at high speed toward her eyes, blinding her at least for a few days. She screeched in pain and flung herself down onto the floor of the roof. Atlas immediately summoned a flame at his hand, throwing it in our direction, he missed us completely.

I gave Lucinda one last squeeze then stood her up so she could help me fight. We split up and went in opposite directions. Lucinda was quick to split up again, forming a clone and then split with her too. When he turned his back on me, I sent a sharp blast of wind toward him, sending him head over heels. He immediately got back up. And turned on me throwing a fireball at me. He managed to graze my shoulder, searing and blackening the skin. I ground my teeth and held in a scream.

Lucinda's clone charged Atlas, splitting again as she did. At such a close range, Atlas was forced to use brute strength instead of fire for fear of burning himself as well as Lucinda's clones. They piled onto him, knocking him over again. I charged in as well, sending jabs of hard wind where ever there was a place that I could.

Lucinda whimpered and fell to the ground as Atlas hit one of her clones across the floor. I looked up at her, torn between staying in the fight or going to Lucinda. I did what was probably the stupid thing and went to Lucinda. Even though there was nothing I could do to ease the pain. I still sent jabs of wind, but less frequently because my vantage point wasn't as good. Once I got to her I helped her up, "Are you ok?" I asked anxiously.

she nodded so I left her there and went back to join the fight. Atlas had started to gain the upper hand again and was starting to push the clones off of him. Eventually he did manage to do just that; and when he did I sent a razor-sharp "spear" of wind right through his stomach. He howled in pain, then sent a huge fireball right at Lucinda. It hit her in the stomach, and sent her flying back, she hit the railing of the building and then flipped over it, starting to fall to the floor.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed, terror filling every inch of my voice. Not Lucinda! I ran to the edge and formed a platform of wind under her. I brought her slowly back up to me and as soon as she was in reach, I scooped her up into my arms. "Lucinda! are you ok?" I asked my face contorted with a mixture of fear for her life, hope that she might make it, and love; yes, I think I really do love her, even in the short time that I have gotten to know her.

"Unnnuah," she groaned.

I hugged her close to me, "Don't you dare leave me Lucinda, don't you dare..."

Then I remembered the two who had attacked us, when I turned to look for them though, they were gone! I carried Lucinda down stairs to my room and laid her on my unused bed.

“JADE!” I called, “come up to my room! Quick!”

In a couple of minutes Jade walked/ran into my room, “What’s wrong?” She asked.

In response I lifted the covers from Lucinda’s stomach. Jade gasped, it was a mess of charred, blackened skin and blood. Lucinda groaned.

"Is there anyone here who knows anything about first aid? And is there a first aid kit around here anywhere?" I asked, holding on tightly to Lucinda, I doubt that I will let her go any time soon.

The End

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