There had been a little bit of a line created at the news of the working phone. I stood behind William, almost my turn. He pulled Lucinda up beside him and handed her the phone.  She seemed embarrassed as she spoke to his mother. Of course she was. I smiled mildly as she hurriedly handed him back the phone. He put his arm around her and pulled her closer to him.  They sure got together fast...I shook my head. I had other things to think about, anxiously rolling my amethyst between my fingers.

    Ben stepped up behind me, looking over my shoulder. "Figured out your power yet?" he asked.

   I jumped, suprised at his presense as I turned around. "No...I am beginning to wonder more than ever why I am here. If we are supposed to save the world, I am nothing to the cause if I have no super powers."

   "Ellie found hers. I'm sure you have one deep down in there somewhere. You just have to find it." Ben comforted.

   "Maybe." I shrugged, looking at my stone. How could Jade see that letter in my stone. 'N' was it, in Atlantis. I took my reading glasses from my jean pocket and pushed them onto my face. Stupid things, they were really a pain sometimes. Still, I could see nothing.

   I began to slip them off, tucking them back to where they came, and Ben said, "So, what was your life like before you where thrust here? You have family?"

   I smiled mildly, "Two parents, a twin sister, and a younger brother. Pretty normal situation-if you consider 'normal' to be a real term. My sister is in the Bahamas shooting a movie, she has always been one for drama, and my brother...I really don't know what he does."  I laughed, shaking my head. "He plays the keyboard in a little band of some of his friends and they always practise in our basement. It drives my mom crazy."

    He chuckled, "What about you?"

   "I go to work, I go to college, I study, I go to sleep. Fortunatly summer's almost here. I can finally get some reading done, perhaps-well of course, I'm here now, supposedly saving the world." I grinned. "I'm studying Law, mostly, in school. What about you? I've talked way too much, it's your turn."

    "I-," he began, and then paused, watching as William and Lucinda walked away, murmuring and giggling to one another. "It's not that exciting. The phone's open, better use it before this line gets too rowdy."

    I smiled, stepping up to the phone. What would I say? To my parents? I was supposed to be in college in my dormroom....I could still say I was....but what about when I don't show up for class consecutive days? Or work? What then? I took a deep breath and dialed my mom's number.

    "Hello?" my mom's voice came, familiar and sweet.

    "Hey, Mom." I said, trying to hide my anxiety.

    "How are you? How was class today?" she asked casually. I could hear the sounds of dinner cooking in the backround.

   "Mom...," I wasn't going to lie. I never lied to her. She was one of the only ones I did trust. "...there's something weird going on. I'm alright, really. Everything's alright. It's hard to explain right now, but the other day at work I found a stone-,"

    She interrupted me, her voice high and nervous. "What's going on, Zoey?"

   "Please believe me and trust me, okay? I'm going to be gone for a few days. I'm not sure how long. I will get home as soon as I can. You see, I found this stone at work, and it....transported me to this house where nine other people where that arrived there nearly at the same time in the same way as me." I said desperatly, hoping she would believe me.

   There was silence at the end of the phone.  I continued soothingly, "I'm alright, and I'll be home soon, I know it. Don't call the police, it won't help. Nothing's wrong. I'll call as much as I can."

    Silence. "Mom, are you there?" I inquired.

    "Yes. Alright." her voice was confident and strong. She believed me, at least a little. She knew I would never lie to her, especially about something as crazy as this. "Stay safe, you hear me?"  

    "Of course." I smiled. I felt like a little girl again, and I felt lost and vulenable. "I've got to go, not sure how long this phone will last. I love you."

     "I love you too," her voice wavered. 

     "Bye," I murmured.

     "Good-bye."  she replied. 

      Slowly, I hung up the phone, lowering my eyes.  I felt Ben put his hand on my shoulder.

     I blinked, smiling softly at Ben for his kindness before handing the phone off. "I'm going on a walk." I said, turning toward the door and heading towards the outdoors-Ben said something about finding Jake.

     The evening air was refreshing on my face as I stolled for a long while, watching the sun journey toward a horizon blushed with pinks and oranges. After a while, I sat underneath an apple tree in the orchard.

     Then I heard a scream coming from the roof.




The End

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