I was happy with Will, he made me smile and made me feel special, in the good sort of way. He hung up the phone and I commented on how it must be nice having someone worrying about him, he told me that I was his best friend and I turned that idea over in my head. I'd never had a best friend, un less you counted the cat that somehow made it into my apartment every night so technically lived with me. I thought about the cat and felt sad, there would be no one to feed him.

"Come on, let's go to the roof. I want to try out my powers more." He said slipping his hand into mine. I smiled and followed him up the stairs, I watched as he formed the platform in front of him. He glanced at me and I smiled, sitting down, watching as he began to rise, he flew round the roof once, coming back, he offered his hand to me.

"Come on. I need to get used to carrying others." I was hesitant at first but looked into his blue eyes and knew that I could trust him. I was about to step on when I said,

"I have an idea! It'll help you and me." He raised an eyebrow and I explained,

"Well what if I duplicated myself and let you carry one of us, when you got that I'll make another and we can see how far you can go." Will smiled and nodded,

"Also that means that if you drop me I won't plummet to my death" I said teasingly. He gave me an offended look but I could see the smile playing at the corner of his mouth.

"Come on then" He said smiling. I closed my eyes, I opened them and I saw another me. We smiled, it was weird in a way, I felt connected to both, almost like we shared one mind. I felt what she felt and she felt what I felt, they were both me.

I stepped back and watched as the other me stepped onto the platform with William, I felt the gently breeze that lifted them up and watched as Will started a slow circle around the roof.

"Amazing isn't it?" A voice whispered in my ear, I jumped back and spun round. A man was standing in front of me, he reached out a hand and closed the door to the roof. I heard the lock slid shut, I stepped further back, William hadn't noticed yet and I was about to yell to him when someone else grabbed me from behind. A feminine voice whispered in my ear,

"Oh, now we can't let you do that now can we?" I looked up at William and my clone and screamed in my mind. I saw the clone glance down and yell at Will, Will  stopped suddenly.

"Lucinda!" I watched as he dived down towards us, the woman let me go and pushed me. I felt myself titter on the edge and flung out my arms, trying to keep my balance. Someone grabbed my shirt from behind and pulled me back up, I stumbled into William and buried myself into his chest.

"Who are you?" William said coldly,

"Well..." The man dawdled.

"I'm known as Atlas and she's Solon." He said pointing at the woman who had pushed me.

"Or you may know us as the Black Ones" Solon stated mildly.

I felt William stiffen slightly and a wind blew gently across the roof, the man chuckled and I watched as he took off a glove. A small flame appeared, cupped, in his hand, the flame just hovered slightly above his skin and it had a greenish tinge to it.

"Don't you know that wind makes the fire spread?" As if to prove his point the fire expanded suddenly as a small gust caught it. William moved the air again but I put a hand on his shoulder and said,

"No. Don't. Think about it. What if the fire spreads? The others might get caught in it." William cursed under his breath and said,

"What do you want? We haven't done anything to you."

"Not yet... But we can not let you progress. You just happened to be the ones who were on their own." Atlas smiled, his eyes gleaming with misgiving.

Solon looked at me and my clone and I glared at her, I saw her eyes flash red and my clone crumpled next to me. I cried out in pain as my mind felt like it was about to burst, I fell over but Will caught me.

"Make it stop!" I said clutching my head, the pain was so bad. I watched as my clone disappeared but the pain continued. Solon never stopped looking at me,

"Lucinda!" William shouted, worry etched on his face. He looked up at Solon and yelled,

"Stop it!" The woman blinked, breaking eye contact with me. The pain ebbed away and I tried to stand up. William hugged me close to him.

These people could counter our powers! Atlas could use fire so Williams powers would just make his stronger and Solon could inflict pain with just a look, meaning that which ever clone she chose would hurt me as well. We were trapped, like a couple of chickens in the foxes den. The others wouldn't come, they didn't even know! We were on our own and we were losing.

The End

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