“I promise. I’ve got to go Mama, au revoir. I love you.” Marc told his mom then hung up and handed the phone to me.

I dialed my mom's number, she is going to kill me for being gone all night long as well as most of the next day. The phone picked up halfway through the second ring.

"Hello?" my mom said, in a voice I had only heard her use once, and that was when I had fallen out of a tree and broken several ribs and an arm. This was not good.

"Uh, hi mom...it's me," was all I could think to say.

"WILLIAM! WHERE ARE YOU!" She shouted, then quieting a little, "I've been so worried! I called the police and everything!"

"Well, I'm not quite sure where I am mom, but I promise you I am safe."

"What am I going to do with you William? I thought you had run away!"

"Mom, I would never, ever run away from you," I told her, conviction filling my voice, "I love you so much...you know I would never run away."

"It's just that when you didn't come back last night...I didn't know what to think." The worry was starting to fade from her voice now that she knew I was safe...mom was cool that way, she could always tell whether something bad had happened just by listening to the tones of my voice.

"I am really sorry that I put you through this, but I called as soon as I got the chance to." I told her then in a very serious tone I went on, "Mom, you know that I don't lie to you, so please believe what I am about to say, I know it sounds like something out of a story book, but if I were lying I would make it sound more believable. When I went outside I picked up this diamond I found on the side of the road, and when I straightened out I was at this weird house with nine other teens who had just been transported similarly." She started to interrupt me, "Don't be afraid mom, we're all fine and don't call the police, it won't help. I promise that I will be back soon."

"Uh, ok..." mom trailed off, I could tell that she was having trouble believing me, but she also knew I was telling the truth for the reasons I had stated plus, she had the uncanny ability to detect every time I told a lie and she didn't detect a lie here.

"By the way, did I mention that I finally got that girlfriend you are always saying I need?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Really! Oh, that is so good! I was getting worried you would grow up a bachelor!" she said, relief and happiness flooding her voice.

I laughed, "Here, I'll put her on right now!" I told her.

I handed the phone to Lucinda, who had been standing next to me, "My mom would love to meet you...she's been constantly lecturing me on how I need a girlfriend." I explained to her.

She took the phone, somewhat shyly, "Uh, hi?" she said.

"So, are you this girl friend that my William is speaking about?"

"Uh, yeah I suppose I am...as of recently!" She said, as if just confirming it to herself for the first time.

"Well, just know that William is very sincere, and he is also very intense. If you don't plan on staying with him then please save at least some of his pride and feelings and tell him now..." My mom trailed off.

"Don't worry I plan on staying with him as long as he will have me..." She trailed off and got so embarassed that she just handed the phone back to me.

I laughed and took the phone, "Yes, mom it's me again," I said, putting an arm around Lucinda and pulling her close.

"Is everything taken care of there? Is there food? Clothes? Are you brushing your teeth every night?" typical worried mom I smiled to my self.

"Yes mom we have food, clothes, and toothbrushes. And before you ask, there is also plenty to do around here so I am not in the least bit bored." Even Lucinda smiled at that one, and then leaned her head into my chest.

"It must be so nice having a mom to worry about you like that," she commented once I had hung up the phone.

"Give her a little time and she will start worrying over you too!" I told her, a smile on my face.

"Why would she worry about me? I'm just some girl who happened to be put in the same house as her son." Lucinda put in morosely.

"No, your not just any girl, your my best friend. And that is saying something, because I don't have many other friends, and no best friends up till now." I said, pulling her close and enfolding her in my arms, "You are valued and loved, and don't you ever forget that," I whispered into her ear. 

The End

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