When Jade walked out, I stood up. My legs were really cramped, with her head on my lap for the past three hours. It felt good to stretch them. 

I listened to Marc on the phone, and was struck by the relationship between him and his mother. Strands of her worried voice, reached my ears and I was left thinking how my parents wouldn't even have time to talk to me. 

Before he was finished, I walked into the kitchen. I didn't mind going last. Most of the teens here probably needed to explain to there worried parents, plus I doubted my mum or dad were even home. As I opened the fridge, Ben walked in.

"Hey, I wouldn't do that if I were you." He said, sitting up on the side. I looked at questioningly, waiting for him to explain.

"Ellie. She'll kill you if you cook anything." He said grinning, and I laughed. I pulled out a bottle of coke.

"Want one?" I asked and he nodded. Handing it over, I went to sit next to him. 

"Been practising your power?" I asked him. 

"What's there to practise? I'm not about to start running at walls. I'm indestructible, but I'm not going to test it out. What if I actually end up killing myself?" He told me. 

"Good point." 

"What about you?" He asked, and I shrugged. 

"Well, I haven't so far but I suppose I could. Jade asked me before if I could turn into mystical creatures, like dragons or unicorns or something." 

"Try it now. That would be cool." He told me, pushing me of the side. I shrugged again.

Why not? I put my feet apart, and shook myself. Then I closed my eyes, and began to think of a dragon. For a second nothing happened, then I began to grow bigger. I could feel my skin hardening, and my nose growing longer. My nails grew over my fingers and toes, till they were just claws. I opened my eyes. I was so big, that my head was bent under the ceiling. 

"That is so cool, man!" Ben gasped. I stepped forward, but I felt my claws go into the floor. Oh no.

"Maybe I should have tried this outside." I growled, and he nodded laughing. I formed back into me again, and took in the damage. There were scratch marks on the ceiling, where my spikes had rubbed against it. Everything had been knocked over on the sides, and the floor had dints in it here and there. It was a mess.

"Ellie is SO going to flip." Ben told me, laughing. He was right. 

"Quick, help me tidy, before she comes." I said, rushing about sorting the sides out. He was too busy laughing though. There was nothing I could do though about the scratches and dints. I would just have to hope no one noticed. 

"Right Jake. You've done all you can. Want a game of something, in the cellar?" He said to me, jumping from the side. I looked round, nervously. 

"Are the marks obvious?" I asked. He shook his head. "Right, I'll meet you down there then. I'm going to go and tell Jade about me being a dragon. She asked before so..."

"Okay, be quick." 

We walked out of the kitchen into the living room, where William was now on the phone. I promised I'd be a few minutes, as Ben went down to the cellar, then I walked out. 

Telling Jade about being a dragon, wasn't the only reason I wanted to find her. She had seemed a little upset when she had walked out and I wanted to make sure she was all right. 

I looked round, and spotted her with Marc. They were talking, and then I watched as she lent over and kissed him. My body froze.

She was kissing him? 

I had to turn away. Why had that bothered me? Should it have bothered me? I didn't know the answers, but it had. 

I thought that maybe, she might have liked me . I wanted to go over and punch Marc, but he'd done nothing wrong. She hadn't. What was wrong with me? I had clearly read the signs wrong. I stormed back into the house, and down the stairs. 

"What's wrong?" Ben asked me, looking up. 

"Nothing." I told him. Me falling for someone who liked someone else. That was what was wrong. 


The End

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