"You can make yourself fly right?" Ellie asked, turning to me.

"Yer, using the air and wind. Why?" I asked, curiosity evident in my voice.

"Do you think that you could do that, while carrying me?"  She carried on.

"Probably, you are the smallest and lightest." I said. Then I tried to form an air platform under her and me...for some reason I just couldn't. So I just formed one under me and did as she asked. I picked her up. Then I carefully began to gain altitude, being very carefull not to drop her. "Your right, I can feel the wind from outside."  I told her.

She reached her hands out, feeling the wind as I started to speed up, more confident now, but still making very sure I had a good grip on her. It would be horrible if I dropped her now...Suddenly Ellie gasped and her body started to jerk around; completely ruining my concentration. The wind platform under us and we started to fall. Self-preservation took over without me even thinking about it. I let go of Ellie's body and re-established the platform under me. Only then did I reailze what had just happened.

"ELLIE!" I screamed, I was just about to evaporate the platform under me so that I could make one under her when suddenly a beautiful pair of wings ripped throught the back of her shirt and stopped her free fall. I heaved a huge sigh of relief, thank God she finally found her power! And just in time too!

Every one was cheering. Ellie flew back up to me and started flying in joyous circles around me. Pulling off maneuvers I could never do without falling off my platform.

"I'm so sorry for dropping you Ellie, it's just that when you started to spasm like that, I-I lost my concentration." I apologized.

"It's ok, if it hadn't happened then I might never have discovered my power!" she commented happily. Well, so long as she was happy, then I suppose it was ok. I needed to practise keeping my concentration up. If that happened in the middle of a battle then it might not be just my life that ended up being lost.

When I looked down I saw that most of the people had gone back inside. I left Ellie to practice her acrobatics in the sky and landed next to Lucinda, "That gave me such a scare up there! I don't think I'll be taking anyone up with me again till I know that I can keep my concentration up no matter what happens!" I commented to her.

"I should hope so!" she laughed, "I think you two scared everyone!"

I joined in laughing with her, and we walked inside together right behind Jake and Jade. We both watched in amusement as Jade fell asleep in Jake's lap, then we went out back to walk around in the gardens. We sat and watched the sun tinge the sky wonderful shades of pink, yellow, and orange. Eventually, when we started to see fringes of indigo in the sky, we decided it was time to go inside. When we got inside there was a flurry of commotion over in one corner.

I went over to Marc, "What's going on over there?"  I asked him.

"They found out that the telephone works, we can communicate with the outside world now!" He smiled, "If you want your turn then I would suggest that you get in line."

The End

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