Sat at dinner, I watched William and Lucinda. They were sat together, and they kept glancing at each other. It was clear that some thing was going on, but had they really fell for each other so soon? I still felt kind of awkward, from walking in on them. In a way, it made me miss Fran. I didn't really like her that much, but it was nice having a girl. 

All through diner, Ellie was telling us her idea about the dome having a hole in the top. She seemed pretty excited, and everyone was nodding in agreement. Once again, her food was amazing. 

After tea, everyone made there way out into the garden to watch Ellie's idea. She hadn't told us yet, but she was literally jumping. 

"You can make yourself fly right?" she asked William, and he told her he could, using the air.

"Do you think that you could do that, whiles carrying me?" she said to him. 

"Probably, you are the smallest and lightest?" William said back, and then grabbed her, lifting her up in the air.  I watched as she got higher, and higher. I wanted to get a closer look, so I morphed into an eagle and flew up towards them. As I was halfway though, I screeched loudly, as I saw her fall. 

She began to tumble closer and closer to me, and there was nothing I could do. Then, all of a sudden she stopped. I watched, as wings began to form on her back, till soon enough she was floating in the air with beautiful wings holding her up.

"O'my god Ellie got wings!" I heard Zoey shout from the ground. William stopped by her side, his mouth in the shape of an 'O'. 

"I'm so sorry, Ellie. I didn't mean to drop you, you just caught me off guard." He said quickly. She held up her hand . 

"It's fine. I'm fine. Look, I found my power." She was beaming. I flew closer, and flapped my small wings in front of her.

"You look so cool, Ellie. There amazing." She reminded me of an angel, or a fairy. My wings were beginning to ache, so I flew back to the ground. Looks like I couldn't be in the air for too long. Though it was clear Ellie could. She was flying circles round William, laughing her head off.

"She looks so happy." Jade whispered, as I landed next to her. I morphed into me again, and she grinned. 

"This is out of this world." I breathed. Not just Ellie, everything. I mean, we were going to save the world? I was just a smart rich boy, from England. What did I know, of saving the world?

"What are you thinking?" Jade asked. I smiled at her.

"Hey, looks like your super hearing can't reach everywhere." I teased her. She started laughing.

"I never mentioned mind reading." she told me. "Go on, tell me." I breathed deeply. 

"Just all this. How do we know were up for it?" I said, staring up at Ellie. Zoey, and Lucinda where still stood in the garden watching them, but the others had drifted off. 

"I suppose we don't. Not for sure. But we were given these powers for a reason, I don't think we would have if we weren't up for it." She told me, looking at me. I nodded. It sounded right, what she said, but it still didn't get rid of my doubts. 

"What about names?" I joked. "If we need to be superheroes, then we got to have a cool name. Bagsy I'm having Super Hunk." 

She burst out laughing, and I mocked being annoyed. 

"How about Super Big Head." She said to me, and joined in her laughter. 

"Yeah, I'm joking." We began to walk back to the house. We had been here a whole day now, and I began to worry about my parents. They wouldn't know where I was. Though I doubt they would even noticed I had gone, not yet anyway. Maybe Joan - the house keeper - might have noticed, but I bet she would just assume I was at one of my friends. 

"I wonder how Eve and Zoey are doing, in finding their powers." Jade said, breaking the silence. We were nearing the house now. 

"Let's go see, but before we do, can I ask you something?" I asked, stopping her. She nodded, looking at me curiously. I waited a few seconds, dragging the suspense.

"Is my head really that big?" I asked her, feeling my face. She punched me softly, and then carried on walking, laughing.

That's when I noticed how different she was to Fran. Even though she was blonde like her, hers seemed more natural. Her skin wasn't too orange, and she wasn't plastered in make up. She was pretty, but not in the obvious way like Fran was. 

"Hold up." I shouted, running to catch up with her. Then we walked into the house together, with Ellie and William still flying around in the air. 

The End

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