"Right, apart from Zoey and Eve, we should all go and practise our powers," Marc suggested.

"O'yer and how am I going to do that? Huh? Like I said before I probably just picked the stone up by accident." I told them. It was getting too hot down here. And I was feeling left out, even Eve and Zoey were showing sings of having a power of some sort.

"Hey Ellie, its ok your develop your power soon." Jake kindly told me lightly touching my hand.

"Don't get yourself worked up, we're help you Ellie." Zoey told me smiling.

"Yer Ellie, you got the power ow!" Luke chipped in.

"Luke, shut up will ya?" I told him heading up the stairs to my room closing the door.

The lack of sleep was catching up with me now. I sat in the window sit watching the other outside trying out their powers. I reached into my jean pocket then remembering that I left it on the table. Jake was trying out his animal madness, lion, deer, mouse, and rabbit. Why can't I have a something really cool? It wasn't fair; then again life just wasn't fair. These something around the house, some sort a dome. People might be able to get, but we can't get out? But these got to be an away out, a door or something. I must have drifted off all I could think about was the dome.

I woke up with my stomach calling me. "I'm going I'm going." I said to my stomach rubbing it. I climbed off the window sit; the others were still out there. Then something sharp and painful went round my body.

"Ahh, ouch. Whoa. Ahh." I gasped out crouched over. My muscles in my back felt tender and sore, when I straightened up after the pain had gone.

"Must have slept funny or something." I muttered going down the stairs. Someone had placed my garnet stone in the kitchen, just waiting for me. I picked it up looking closely at the stone. I could see the letter ‘N' clearly now, in fact more clearly then in the basement. Strange. I gathered everything I needed to start the sandwiches, when suddenly Luke wondered in. Well   teleported.

"You just never stop do you?" Luke asked, sounding half-serious.

"No... Not when there's ten hungry teens in the house." I replied, pulling out some bread to make sandwiches.

Luke took a seat a top the counter; I could feel him watching me. It felt a little strange I wasn't used to company when I was cooking. Neither of us saying anything. But it was a comfortable silence, the sound of the knife buttering bread and the sound of our breathing. It felt nice.

"Are you going to keep staring at me? Because I'm feeling a little paranoid." I admitted but secretly liking it, and Luke laughed making me smile.

"Sorry. Just trying to find out how you make the food so delicious. I thought there was a secret ingredient you put in it. Like a spice or something." He was grinning as I looked at him.

"Nope. But I may have but I may put a pinch of poison in yours." I said sarcastically.

"Trying to get rid of me already? I see how it is." He told me sitting back, I found some fillings."Hey Ellie, I know what your power should be!" Luke suddenly piped up.

I looked over at him sceptically asking. "What?"

"You can grow an extra arm! Wouldn't that be so cool?!" Luke was clearly happy about his made idea. 

It made me laugh though. "I don't think that's it. See?" I showed him my, only two arms. He frowned in disappointment; I went back to sorting the ready sandwiches on a big plate.

"Oh! I got it! You can breathe underwater!" He jumped off the counter and turned on the sink. "Try it!"

"No thanks. I don't want to kill myself." I again laughed, I had to admit but he did make me laugh, not many boys could make me laugh. It felt good to laugh. I turned the sink off. "Why don't you give your brain a rest and go find Jake to round up everybody. Lunch is on the table." I pushed me out the door, my back was still feeling sore. Then a idea suddenly came to me about the dome around the house.

"There's a hole at the top." I said out loud. That had to be it, it just made sense. Everyone came in then all talking about there powers, I went over to the kitchen cupboard then finding the jam jar.

"Dam, flaming things." I struggled with the lid.

"Here I'll do that." Zoey said holding her hand. I passed it to her, in a matter of seconds it was open.

"Thanks. Hey listen up guys, I've got a idea and William I need your help." I told them. William nodded and said. "Can I eat first Ellie?"

I told them about my idea of there being a hole in the dome. They all seemed to agree with me, so soon as we finished we all went out to the garden.

"You can make yourself fly right?" I asked William.

"Yer, using the air and wind. Why?" He questioned.

"Do you think that you could do that, whiles carrying me?" I answered.

"Probably, you are the smallest and lightest?" William told me. The air changed around him, he picked me up by my waist. Next thing I know, I'm in the air heading straight to the top of the dome.

"Your right, I can feel the wind from outside." William told me. I reached my hand out feeling the air. Suddenly, the pain came back shooting more painfully then before.

"Ahh. Dam." I gasped, my body jerked.


Then I fell from William grip, falling to the ground. I could hear everyone shouting. The pain seemed to be building centring on my back.


I'm going to die. I can't I need to help them, my friends need me.

‘The power is in you Ellie; just have to find it my sweetheart.'

Suddenly, the pain was gone. I opened my eyes. ‘What the hell?' I was still in the air, about 5 meters from the ground, I wasn't moving.

"O'my god Ellie got wings!" Wings? Then I heard them flapping. They were big gerent colour with some sliver swills in places. They were like fairly wings in stories.

"I have a power." I breathed out.


The End

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