It was a scary feeling knowing the world needed you. What if we failed? Would we be blamed for the chaos that ensued because of the Dark ones?

After reading over the letter, I was left for a little time to practice my own power. Easy enough, because I had been practicing it since last night. First place I teleported was to the roof, just to be trying. I noticed Lucinda and William in a private conversation, lucky for me they didn't notice and I teleported away as quietly as I had come.

Next I teleported into the kitchen, where I found Ellie already preparing lunch.

"You just never stop do you?" I asked, half-serious.

"No... Not when there's ten hungry teens in the house." She replied, pulling out some bread to make sandwiches.

I took a seat a top the counter and watched her working a bit, neither of us saying anything. It was a comfortable silence and I didn't want to break it. 

"Are you going to keep staring at me because I'm feeling a little paranoid." She admitted, and I laughed.

"Sorry. Just trying to find out how you make the food so delicious. I thought there was a secret ingredient you put in it. Like a spice or something." I grinned.

"Nope. But I may have but I may put a pinch of poison in yours." She said sarcastically.

"Trying to get rid of me already? I see how it is." I sat back, when an idea came to mind. "Hey Ellie, I know what your power should be!"

She looked at me skeptically. "What?"

"You can grow an extra arm! Wouldn't that be so cool!" I was pumped by the idea. Who didn't want an extra limb?

She laughed. "I don't think that's it. See?" She showed me only two arms and I frowned in disappointment.

"Oh! I got it! You can breathe underwater!" I jumped off the counter and turned on the sink. "Try it!"

"No thanks. I don't want to kill myself." She laughed and turned the sink off. "Why don't you give your brain a rest and go find Jake to round up everybody. Lunch is on the table." She pushed me out the door and I ran right into Jake.

"We've been put on gathering duty." I told him.

"Alright. I'll get Lucinda and William." Jake  started up to the roof as I headed off to find everybody else.


The End

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