"I did believe. I thought they were lying... I never stopped believing but then I grew up." Lucinda said, then tucked her head deeper into her scarf as the first tears ran down her face.

I tentatively put a hand on her shoulder, "It isn't childish to believe that the dead go on to a better place; or that they stop loving you."

I sent a breeze to clear the sky then pointed to the beautiful clear blue stretch, "Look at the sky, see how beautiful it is?" Then I pointed to the garden, "Notice how intricately beautiful those plants are, and did you know that even the tiny, one-celled animals are intricately designed? That the tail of one of those single celled animals is made up of more than forty different parts and that if any of them were missing the tail would cease to function? Do you really think that those just happened to come into existence by themselves? I don't, I think that somewhere out there, there is a God who created them; and why would He create them just to destroy them? I think he loves every one of us and that when we die, he brings us up to be closer to Him. When my dad went up there, he didn't stop loving me, he simply was taken someplace else. It's like when your best friend moves to another country. It hurts to lose them, but they are still there, and they still love you and you still love them only even better, because I know that one day," at this point I put even more conviction in my voice, "I will get to meet my father." I took a shuddering breath, "and I am looking forward to that day."

Lucinda suddenly leaned over and rested her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and leaned back against the wall; leaning my cheek against the top of her beautiful flaming red hair. For a while we just stayed like that quiet, except for the occasional sniffle, as her tears started to soak through my hoodie and past my t-shirt.

The door to the house creaked open, "Hey, Marc said you two were up here..." Jake's head peeped through the door, "Oh, I-I just came up to say that lunch is ready if you guys wanted it." He continued awkwardly.

I nodded, "We'll be there in a sec." I promised.

Jake quickly pulled his head back through the door and hurried back downstairs. "Alright, I think we better go down..." I put my finger under her chin, lifting her eyes to mine, "just remember, you are never alone, I'll be there if you need me; and I'm sure that everyone downstairs will be there for you too."

Then I dried her eyes and we headed downstairs for lunch.

The End

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