I watched quietly as everyone began to talk excitedly about their powers, was I the only one who resented them a bit? I mean here we were being told that we had to save the world and everyone acted like it was a game of superhero's. If we made a mistake it could mean that a lot of people would die I didn't want to have that kind of feeling on my chest.

I got up un noticed and decided to go and sit on the roof, I needed the fresh air. I looked up at the sky, the clouds covered most of the sun I sighed, I felt a breeze stir through my hair and I smiled to myself. An instant later came a surprised yelp and I said without turning around,

"What do you want William?"

"Can we talk? Just the two of us?" I got up and turned around,

"What's to say that I'm the clone and she's the real me? What's to say we're both no clones?" He glanced away, ashamed and I felt bad for saying that,

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap." I walked over to William and the other me got up, I touched a hand to her shoulder and we seemed to melt together.

"No, it's ok, I know what it is like to be afraid, not to know what is happening... I messed up." I looked at him and he met my gaze steadily.

"Do you have any parents?" I asked suddenly. He slightly taken back at the question, he probably thought I was going to be mad at him but I didn't really have the heart to have a prolonged argument.

"One, my Dad died when I was small. I have absolutely no memories of him... I love my mom but she is almost always working. So yeah, I don't get to spend much time with her either..." I hesitated and asked nervously.

"Wh- what is it like having a mum?" He looked at me and moved over to sit next to me. We sat down and he looked up at the sky, he seemed to get a far away look in his eyes and he said,

"Well, for starters, she is someone you can go to when you feel sad, or mad, or anything else. You can tell her all your secrets and know that she will keep then. She loved to brag about you to every one of her colleagues." He smiled slightly before saying, "And is pretty much a best friend who you can always count on."

I looked down at the roof and pulled my scarf closer around my face, "It sounds nice... having a family."

William frowned slightly and said, " If you can call it that... it's just me and mom that live in the apartment, and mom is rarely home, so it's usually just me. But yes, I love my mother and wouldn't trade her for anything."

I felt tears prickle my eyes and I said,

"Love is nice... It's so warm inside almost like a candle... A candle that can be blown out..."

William paused for a second before saying, "No, love can't be blown out. Never. Even if my mom died, I would still love her. There is no way to ever put love out. Don't you ever, not even for a second, let yourself believe otherwise." He said this intensely, believing every word that was spoken. I smiled sadly and said,

"There's no such word as can't, I mean people die. People then move on. They forget, what's to say that once you die you don't forget everyone that you loved?"

"I don't know about you, but I believe that there is something after this life. I believe that my dad is up there somewhere looking down. When I do right he smiles, when I do wrong it makes him sad, but whether of not you want to believe that is for you to decide. Sometimes you just have to believe despite what other people say."

"I did believe. I thought they were lying... I never stopped believing but then I grew up." I buried futher into my scarf, not wanting him to see me cry.

The End

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