I sat in the basement and looked up, through the reflection from the window in the door I could see everything that was happening upstairs. I listened carefully as the boys took the letter from the strange postman, they both looked down at it and through the glass front door I saw the stout postman stroll down the path, through the barrier. He suddenly looked round and over his shoulder and began to be sucked under, I stood up, an impulse reaction, his head disappeared under the ground and he was gone. No one else had seen this and I didn’t know if I should say, I tuned back into our conversation just in time to hear the letter being read out.

The thoughtful nature of everyone after the letter had been read out was silent, I stayed standing and glanced at the paper, even though it was at the other side of the circle I scanned read it and put my hands on my hips.

“Well that’s a load of…” I began,

“What the....?” Eve butted in, soon a commotion of voices filled the room, my ears began to hurt and I shouted,

“Be quiet!” everyone looked at me surprised. “Sorry,” I apologised, “sensitive ears,” I pointed at them. Marc grinned at me, “I did a school project on Atlantis when I was younger,”

“Why didn’t you say before?” Ben asked,

“Because it was irrelevant,” I replied, “but now it’s coming together in my head,”

“Enlighten us then,” Lucinda offered,

“9,600 years Before Christ, an island existed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.” I began, Ben and Jake sat down, I remained standing, “It was called Atlantis. There is no evidence this place either existed or didn’t, many believe it was never there however others believe it did and the civilisation had advanced technology.” Ben nodded listening carefully, I smiled at him, “The land was rich with crystals and by refracting the light through the stones they could transmit messages.” Ellie looked bored, I looked around, Marc winked at me, “The ancient Atlanteans were sort of religious and they believed to become rejuvenated they had to meditate, with either 6, 11, 22 or 24 different stones. The main 11 being the one’s which we have plus the crystal, they held lumps of clear quartz to help cleanse their souls.”

“Why is it a lost civilisation?” Ben asked

“It was destroyed in an earthquake which set off a tsunami and sunk the beautiful kingdom,”

“Tough day for the Atlanteans,” Luke said a hint of a smile,

“I’m guessing from all the evidence the ‘Black Ones’ destroyed the island,” Marc said,

“It says that in the letter, idiot,” I retorted, he blushed.

“And so what? They’ve come back and this time we have to save the world?” Zoey asked,

“Why didn’t you tell us this before Jade, how much other information are you hiding?” Jake said slightly angry, I held up my arms, palms towards him,

“I didn’t think it important…” I stopped,

“You’re not telling us something else!” Ellie accused,

“Well, it’s not really significant but you know the postman who came to the door?”


“He was sort of, sucked into the ground when he left.” I said simply, no one knew what to make of this. “Maybe I imagined it,” I offered,

“Whatever, Jade’s right, that isn’t important. What is important is that we figure out everyone’s power, we need a strong force against these Black One’s,” William said,

“Well you know mine, I’m fish man,” Ben smiled,

“We’re going to call that indestructible,” Ellie said,

“I can blow around wind,” William said,

“I can clone myself,” Lucinda smiled,

“We need you to understand that a bit more, like how many clones and stuff,” I said, “Oh and I have good senses,”

“I’m Mr Teleport man,” Luke laughed. A meow sounded and we all turned to see Jake mid-way through turning from a house cat into himself,

“I can animal morph!” he cried,

“I guess, I’m not really sure, but I know where everyone is all the time,” Marc said slowly,

“Like a tracker!” Eve said, he nodded,

“Sure, I guess,” he smiled,

“And I am pretty fast,” Eve offered. Everyone turned to her,

“How fast?” I said slowly, she suddenly disappeared, I saw her move and even for my eyes it was a blur, I could hear her footsteps rapidly ascending the stairs, moments later she brought back a shoe,

“Hey that’s my shoe!” William cried,

“You left it on the roof!” Eve smiled tossing it to him,

“Whoa.” Jake said amazed,

“Cool!” Ellie said. “But I’m not sure I have one, maybe I picked it up by accident?” she added,

“I don’t either,” Zoey said,

“Because you’re a girl,” Luke sneered, Zoey punched his arm, Luke cried out in pain,

“Okay, I take that back!” he paused and rubbed his arm, “Sheesh, you’re strong for a girl! That is going to bruise,” he pointed at him arm. Zoey grinned.

“Right, apart from Zoey and Eve, we should all go and practise our powers,” Marc suggested.

The End

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