Ben: The Letter


I am invincible but I was happy that Jake volunteered to come with me. It was nice having someone to watch my back. I jumped on my way up the stairs as the knock came again. I went up to the door slowly. Behind me Jake had morphed into a panther. His yellow eyes glowed and his paws were soundless on the marble floor. I swallowed and pushed out my scales. We were at the door now. I glanced at Jake and he nodded his black furred head. I opened the door.

            Standing in the doorway nervously was a postman. He was a short, red faced man, dressed in a frumpy blue uniform. The second he saw me he let out a little gasp but then handed me a envelope and hurriedly walked down the path. I called out for him to wait but the man did not stop. I noticed no invisible barrier stopped him from leaving. I studied the envelope. I it was made from heavy paper but was still light. It was sealed with a white wax seal, the emblem was a diamond. Closing the door, I turned to Jake who had morphed into a human again.

“What do you think?” I asked.

He shrugged, “I don’t know let’s open it with the others."

With that we sprinted downstairs where they all let out a sigh of relief to see us. We were bombarded with questions. Jake held up his hands to silence them and said,

“There was this postman who gave us this letter and left. He didn’t say a word. We haven’t opened it yet.”

They all turned to me and I did not need to ask what they wanted. I pushed my scales out again and tore off the seal. I pulled out the paper, at least there wasn’t some kind of bomb in it. The single sheet read:


                        Children of this age, I greet you. I am Sterilius Martelian a member of the Atlantian Council of elders. You have been brought here from all over Terra Firma for a purpose. One millennia ago a group of invaders came to Terra Firma. They are the Black Ones. They sought to take this world by force. It was a dark time in our history, much knowledge was lost. The Great Ones defeated the Black Ones but before the Dark left. They used their power to bury Atlantis under the sea.

            The Great Ones knew that they would not be able to stop the Dark when it came a second time. They used their knowledge to capture their powers into stones. Unfortunately, only their descendants can use the stones. That is you. Terra Firma needs you all to stop the Black Ones from succeeding in whatever their dark purpose may be. Atlantis is safe from them and it is only I on the council who has any care for the outside world. No more help for it will come from Atlantis. My stiff necked brothers hardly agreed to give you the stones, house, and provisions.  If you want to save your world, it’s up to you.  


I stopped reading and looked up, the silence was so great you could hear a pin drop. It lasted for a second. Then pandemonium ensued. 

The End

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