I still couldn't see the letter A on my stone. Jade must have really good eye sight, then again, that was her power. We were finally getting some clues to all this. But Atlantis? Wasn't that just myths and fairy tales? I rubbed my sapphire gently, watching the light reflect of it. If you had asked me yesterday though, I would have put powers under the title of fairy tales. 

"Right. Let's think. What do we know so far?" I asked. It was time to  get the bottom of this and now we were all together, it was a good time to share all our information. 

"Well, we all seem to have some sort of power." Jade said to everyone .

"Apart from me." Eve added. 

"And me, unless it really is cooking." Ellie told everyone. 

"I've got my idea's but I'd like to try them out first." Marc said, and then Zoey told us that she wasn't sure of hers either.

"Right, well the majority now them then." Jade said, correcting herself. "But how? Is this a genetic thing? Have we always had them? Or was it the stones? Did they give them to us?" 

Everyone sat in silence, thinking. After a few minutes, Ben spoke up. 

"What about Atlantis anyway? What's this got to do with anything?" He said to everyone."Does anyone know anything about Atlantis?"

"Hey, how about we google it?" Luke said, grinning. It looked like he had woken up properly now. But before anyone could answer him, there was a knock at the door. It was a big, echoing bang, and it made everyone jump.

"Please tell me you guys heard that too." Luke said, his grin drooping. I stood up, listening out.

"Jade?" I asked. I was looking up at the ceiling. 

"I don't know. I can hear breathing, I think. I can smell something too, but I don't know what." 

Then there was another knock, which seemed to echo throughout the house. 

"I think we better answer..." Eve whispered. 

"I'll go. No one can hurt me can they." Ben offered. He started to walk up stairs. 

"I'll go too. I don't like the idea of him up there alone." I said to the group, and then began to climb the stairs. I didn't know if anyone was following me as when I reached the top, there was another deafening knock, blocking out all other sound. 

Ben was stood at the door, and he turned to me as I approached him. 

"I'm going to answer..." He said, then turned to the door. He opened it slowly, to reveal a...



The End

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