‘Everything happens for a reason.’ That was a quote which I would always remember and was remembering it now, why would we be put here? What is the meaning of this? I was sat in the orchard after breakfast of delicious pancakes; it had to be something paranormal, something which normal people don’t know exists. There had to be someone who knew about everything and we had to find them, at the moment we were all getting to know each other, I had formed a good friendship with Luke, I always knew where to find him, even though he travelled around a lot. I liked being by myself too, I liked to think and work things out, most people thought I was a player and only interested in girls and sports. They didn’t know me well at all.

I munched on an apple to pass the time, I subconsciously knew where everyone was and wondered why I knew that, I hadn’t even seen William today but I knew he was on the roof. I rested against a tree and thought; I then pulled out my green jade stone and watched it sparkle in the sun. It looked years old and if you looked closely I could see something in the very core of the stone, I lifted my head,
“Jade.” I said in a normal voice, I sensed her walk from the bedroom, down the stairs, through the hall and out the French doors, I knew she was walking towards me and I waited there calmly. She appeared and smiled,
“I heard you call my name,” she grinned, I tossed her my stone and she caught it reflexively,
“Cool, you got a jade, which is my name,” she laughed,
“I want you to do something,” I said, she smiled,
“Look into my rock and tell me what’s in the middle,” I said, her eyes focused on the green stone and her eyebrows mashed together.
“Its queer,” she said slowly,
“As in gay?”
“No, it’s odd, weird, strange, bizarre, whatever.”
“What is it?”
“It is a small letter ‘A’,” she explained.
“A letter? That’s different. What’s yours?” I asked she pulled out her ruby and looked,
“It’s an ‘L’,” she shrugged.
“Let’s find everyone else’s!” I enthused. She smiled and got up; I followed her back into the house.

“Group meeting!” I yelled, people began to come down into the cellar and they collapsed on bean bags, Jade and I stood at the head and waited. A few minutes later everyone, apart from William who was still on the roof, were here, I sent Eve to get him and they came back in record timing.
“Jade and I have uncovered a clue, we want everyone to get their stones,” I said, a few people brought them out their pockets, others went back to their bedrooms. Moments later there were a pile of precious stones in the centre of the cellar,
“Why are we doing this?” asked Jake, I smiled,
“Inside my jade stone is a letter ‘A’ inside Jade’s a letter ‘L’ we want to see yours,” I said. A few people picked up their rocks and peered in,
“I don’t see anything,”
“I’m Miss superhuman sense,” Jade grinned happy to be helping. She looked at Lucinda’s topaz,
‘I’ she said, Jake’s sapphire contained the letter, ‘A.’ Eve’s emerald was a ‘T.’ Zoey’s amethyst was ‘N.’ Ellie’s garnet was ‘S.’ William’s diamond contained a ‘T’ as well. Ben’s and Luke’s stones were too opaque to contain anything.
“So we have TALIANST,” Ben said quickly,
“What does it mean?” Lucinda wondered aloud,
“It could be an anagram for something?” I offered,
“No, don’t think so,” Jade said,
“NATILAST?” Elle offered. I shook my head and said down on a bean bag. I groaned and threw my head back whacking it against something hard,
“OW!” I cried in agony and anger, I lifted the heavy book from behind my head, on it read, ‘The Atlantic Ocean.’
“I have it!” I cried jumping up, everyone in the room jumped, “Anyone heard of… of that lost land?” I began to rush my words and somehow I began to speak in French.
“Vous savez, depuis longtemps? Atlantis? La civilisation perdue?
I cried, everyone’s face was blank. “Atlantis, the lost civilisation!” I shouted excitement raging in my veins.
“What does that mean?” Ben asked, “It’s not much help.”
“No it isn’t, not yet anyway!” I grinned.

The End

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