When I woke up I was cold, wet, and sore. Not to mention I still felt horrible for all the pain I caused Lucinda. The sun was just peeking up over the mountains that seemed to surround this place, wherever this place is. I decided maybe flying would help me feel at least ok enough to find Lucinda and apologize again. So I took a running jump off the roof and formed an air platform under me. I picked a random direction and rocketed off, relishing the feel of the wind rushing through my hair. Ahh, that did feel a little better, I always love the feeling of being in the wind. I looked up and realized that the clouds I formed last night were still there and threatening to rain again.

No, I won't ruin everyone's day just because of something I did. I picked up the wind up by the clouds, blowing them away from the vicinity of the house and revealing a beautiful blue sky; still tinged slightly orange as the sun crept up into the sky. I sped up to a speeds that I had never been able to achieve on my motorcycle back home in Albania. It was exhilarating!

Then I went higher up, higher and higher I climbed. It started to get really cold! Especially considering that my clothes were still wet from the hard rain last night. I really needed a change of clothes...but where to get them? Then I had an idea.

I heated up the air in a path all the way back to the house, then I sped through it, the warm air, speeding past me dried of my clothing pretty quickly.  I got to the house about half an hour later. I hadn't realized that I had flown so far!

I landed on the ground near the door. I wanted some food. But more importantly I had to apologize to Lucinda. I was going to do it! But what if she wouldn't forgive me? What if bringing it up just hurt her more? What if seeing me just hurt her more? I hesitated, my hand on the doorknob. Not so sure that I should go inside anymore. What if she was already up? I looked at my watch, 7:30, well maybe she was an early riser? I don't know!

I went around for a walk in the yard instead. I went around the back of the house...no one had been there yet. Back there I found acres and acres of garden. Some of it was orchards, other parts flowers, there was even a hedge maze! I went into one of the apple orchards. The apples were just starting to ripen, and if you looked you could easily find some really good ones. I walked around the orchard for a while, having a breakfast of several tasty apples.

Half an hour later I still didn't know what to do...so I went up to the house and flew up to the level of the second floor. My room had to be here somewhere...I claimed it before I had even discovered my powers. Ah, there it was, just as I had left it...with the window open to let the breeze in...I hope the rain last night didn't fall in. When I climbed in the window I went up to the door and locked it. Then I opened the closet door to see what was inside. My mouth fell open. The clothes in there were actually in style! and they looked like they were pretty high quality too! Hard to find such nice clothes in Albania!

I pulled on a tight white t-shirt then pulled on black zip-up hoodie over it but leaving it unzipped. Next, I pulled on a pair of indigo jeans and pulled them on. Then, to my great joy, I found a beautiful pair of black Converse, I love Converse! They are so comfortable! After putting on a fresh pair of socks I put them on too. Then I went into the bathroom and found all the toiletries I needed there. After shaving I brushed my teeth and all that stuff. Then I unlocked the door, returned to the window, and flew back up to the roof to think about how to apologize to Lucinda.

The End

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