I could feel that something big was going on here. It was just too strange. 10 random teenagers showing up in a house and in the middle of no-where. Developing powers. My bed was soo comfortable the minute my head hit the pillow I was gone. My dreams were strange.

I was sitting in a tree, swallow birds were flying all around me. Mum too was there waving at me, dad used to say that we were more like twins. Same deep brown eyes, shoulder length hair only mine was dead straight and had more layers where as hers was curly. Our pixie slim body shape was the same too; she loved nicking my size 8 clothes.

"Mum?" I whispered. She came closer to the tree. "Mum."

"What is it pixie Ellie?" She asked in her soft gentle voice, using her nickname for me and was climbing up the tree to sit with me.

"This is a dream right?" Because your"-

"Shh, my pixie Ellie. You need to sleep, keep your strength up. The time will come soon. You and your friends will need to work together." She told me taking my hands.

"How do you know this? Mum, Mum!" My dream was fading and so was she" Mum, mum. Mum don't. Mum, please..."

I woke up gasping for air. Ok now that was just strange. Dreaming about mum. Just freaky. It was early way too early. The sun would be coming up soon. I needed a shower. I looked round the room, then on the dressing table I found a toilette bag with every thing that I needed was there. I quietly walked down the hallway guessing that everyone else was still asleep. The shower was bliss, wrapping a large towel round me I opening the door as Eve was about to open it.

"O'my god sorry Ellie." She apologized taking a step back.

"It's ok Eve don't worry. Morning by the way." I say walking into the hallway.

"Morning Ellie. I'll go and start breakfast in a minute." Eve says.

"I'll do it Eve. Honestly I don't mind. Really, take your time." I informed her.

"Only if you're sure. It's not fair if you're always doing it."

"Eve go and take a shower. I'll cook, hey it's my power." I joked walking away from her and going into my room.

The closest was full with clothes in my size. I grabbed a pair of skinny dark jeans, black vest top and a blue checked shirt. (The draws also had underwear in to). Before doing the bottom half of my button, I lifted my top up and seeing the small black outline of swallow on the right side of my body. The sun had just risen by the time I entered the kitchen welcoming a new day.

Luke suddenly appeared in the kitchen. Slumped in the chair wishing he was still in bed. Aw what a shame, posh boy had to get up early. I thought to myself. I gasped. ‘I don't even know the guy. Ugh what was wrong with me?'

 "Morning sleepy head!" I called to him going into the fridge and finding some strawberries and other pieces of fruit to go with the pancakes.

"Morr. Ning." Luke murmured yawing his head off.

 The others came in then smelling the pancakes; I wasn't really listening to what they were saying. I was too lost in the cooking the only thing my ears did hear was that Jade had found her power. Superhuman senses, well no wonder she came straight down. I began pouring some orange juice into a jug, placing it on the already set out table.

"Breakfast is done, guys." I announced to them all. Jake came and grabbed the bowls of fruit and placed them on the table just as everyone else came in. Luke didn't seem to notice that everyone had dived in, the pancake were going fast.

"Luke, Luke." His sleepy eyes found mine, something about they way his hair carefully went into his eyes, it just looked-

"Yer, Ellie what?" He asked.

"I'll save you some food if you wanna go and grab some zz's." I told him.

"I'll be ok, need food now anyway." He grabbed the last pancake. "Thanks Ellie."


The End

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