Food, I love food! Ellie was an awesome chef! Everybody stuffed them selves. I was walking up to my room when  I realized something. I'd been just playing around with powers I don't know or understand. I don't know how I got here. Where here even is. I stopped walking and shivered. What's the matter with me? The hall seemed as if it were close in on me and I bolted down the stairs. Not sure where I was going I just wanted to get out. The teens in the living room looked up question at my tearing through the room. I wrenched opened the door and sprinted across the little walkway up to the house. There was no gate or door just the sidewalk.

I was just about to go into the street when I was struck by an invisible force. I was thrown 5 feet through the air before I crashed to the walkway. My scales were instinctively already out and I felt nothing when I hit the hard ground. Wow. The other were running out, but I was mad. I was not some animal to trapped in a cage. I leapt to my feet. My scales were out to the fullest extend now and I started running again. The other yelled out in warning. But I was very non-intellectually charging like a bull at that moment and did not hear them. In retrospect it was pretty dumb. Because a second time I was hurled to the ground by an invisible force. The weird thing was on the side walk outside the house, people were walking and going about their lives. It seemed as if they could not hear us or see us. The situation had just been cranked up. I was now being held against my will and the outside world couldn’t even see me.


The End

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