When I went to bed, most of the other rooms had been occupied, and so without too much thought I chose one before hunkering down for the night.

Too early for me, the sun streamed down upon my face and woke me up. Groaning, cause I knew it would be all but impossible to go back to bed,  I got up, and carelessly threw on some clothes I had found on the floor. They hadn't been there last night, but who was I to question where the clothes came from?

My nose caught a whiff of something that smelled like breakfast, and so I decided to go down and check it out. Although,the only thing I really felt like doing was sleeping in for another hour or two.

Without thinking too hard, I teleported myself, only to find I had accidentally transported into someone else's room. That's when Zoey popped out of her closet, scaring me. "Ahh!"

She yelped in surprise too. "How'd you get in here?"

"Uh... I think I accidentally teleported myself to the wrong place. I meant to go downstairs. Sorry." Lucky for me it wasn't Jake's room this time. Last night his power had definitely scared me enough to make me think twice before messing with him.

Groggily, I tried one more time to teleport to the kitchen, and this time, it worked.

"Morning sleepy head!" Ellie said eagerly, and I mumbled something in reply.

I was still worried about her because of last night's conversation, but it was way too early to care, really about anything. I would have to ask her about it later.

Many of the teens were already sitting around the table and I took a seat, hardly coherent.

It was a little odd to really take in what the ten of us were really here for. It still felt like a dream, and I couldn't comprehend if it was all imagined or really reality. Last night I had been fine accepting it because it had been fun. I had a cool power and had gotten away from Vanessa for the night. But now in the morning's light I was still here, and not so sure if I wanted to be.

"So what now?" I mumbled sleepily. "Do we make a costume, and go around saving people or something?"  I tried rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, but it was useless. I had never been a morning person.

"As cool as that sounds, I can't really imagine the ten of us flying around, being like superman." Eve replied.

Some people laughed, and I was too tired to think of a witty comeback.

"Breakfast is done guys!" Ellie called. I laid my head on the table and sighed as I prayed for the moon to come out again and let me get my rest. I barely noticed the rest of my housemates get up and bustle around, trying to get breakfast underway.

The End

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