I woke up with a start. I couldn't feel my legs or my arms, and glancing around, everything looked different. The room looked more...blue, than it did when I had gone to bed. Everything looked bigger as well, and I felt twisted. 

I had an urge to stick my tongue out, and as I did, I made a hissing noise. Glancing down, I saw that instead of my tall, lanky body, there was a scaly tail. No wait. Not a tail, a...body. I was some sort of snake.

I must have switched in the night, and curled my self up. I shook myself, and I soon turned back into me again. I got up, and rubbed my shaggy hair. Man, I needed a hair cut. Wait. I was waking up in some strange house, after turning back into a human being because I had been a snake, and all I can think about is a hair cut? 

I stretched, yawning. My bones creaked, probably due to the fact I had been twisted up all night. Looking down, I saw that all my clothes were creased. I didn't want to go downstairs looking like a tramp, but what else could I do? I hadn't really had time to pack, when I was dragged here. 

I looked round. I was in a nice room, though it had nothing on my old room. Of course, my old room was massive, due to me being an only child and my parents being, well, rich. But this room was okay. It had the basics. A bed, a wardrobe, an en suite bathroom. I opened the wardrobe, hoping, but of course it was empty. 

Then I noticed the closet door. At least I assumed it was a closet. I thought it was weird how I hadn't noticed it before, but I just shrugged it off. Tell me something, that wasn't weird about all this. 

I opened it and gasped at what I saw. It was my walk in closet. My closet from home. How was that possible? Then I had an idea. I walked in, and then shut the door. I counted to ten. If this door led into my closet, maybe when I walked out I would be in my own room.

But would I want that? I could animal morph and I had met all those new friends. In a way it was kind of exciting. Well, only one way to find out. I opened the door, and found that I was still in the house. I sighed. I didn't know whether to be happy about it, or annoyed. 

I grabbed some jeans, and a plain top, and quickly enough I was ready. I walked downstairs, wondering if anyone else would be ready. I entered the kitchen, and the majority of the house was in there. Ellie was already cooking pancakes, and the rest were waiting eagerly at the table. I sat down next to Ben. 

"Morning." I said to them all.

"Morning, I heard you found your power last night." Ben said next to me. "Animal morphing. Cool." I nodded. 

"Indestructible. Cool." I said back, and he laughed. "Anyone else found there powers yet?" 

"I just have." Jade said, opposite me. She was grinning from ear to ear. " Super human senses. Was you just a snake yes?" 

I nodded, shocked. Wow, she really must have super human senses. 

"Thought so. I thought I had heard hissing, just then." She said to me. 

I looked round the table. There was me, Marc, Jade, Ben, Luke, Eve, and Zoey, with Ellie stood up cooking. Luke looked dead. He clearly wasn't a morning person. 

"So what now?" he grumbled. "Do we make a costume, and go around saving people or something?" 

"As cool as that sounds, I can't really imagine the ten of us flying around, being like superman." Eve said. I laughed. 

"Breakfast is done, guys." Ellie piped up. I stood up, and helped her serve out the food, as the other house mates walked in.


The End

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