I opened my eyes, staring towards a sky filled with the faded colors of dawn. My heart beat frantically as I lerched up. Where was I?

  In bed in the odd house in the middle of nowhere with nine other teenagers. I thought I had been home. The ceiling above looked so real, and I could smell the sweet morning breeze wafting through my open windows. I had sworn I was laying outside. As I brushed off my covers and stood, the ceiling faded back to it's normal creme color. Shaking my head, I shuffled to "my" closet, passing a freshly prepared boquet of irises on the same table as yesterday in a different vase. I furrowed my brow. Had anyone been in here? Blinking, I opened my closet door, met with the line of neatly arranged cloths.

  I tossed on a pair of jeans and a dressy calico spaghetti strap that almost reminded me of a dress. Closing the closet door again, I counted to ten and opened it. Mirrors. I smiled, checking over myself. These were the most comfortable jeans, and they fit perfectly. Back home they were always so hard to find because of my extraordinarily long legs. Curiously, I closed the door, counted, and opened to see if anything else would appear. A bathroom!

  I ran a toothbrush over my teeth and a comb through my hair, tying it up it a high ponytail so that it would stay away from my face. Walking out of the bathroom/closet, I was face to face with a near translucent Luke.

  "Ahh!" he yelled. He looked like he got hit by a truck, his sleepy eyes widening.  

   I yelped in suprise, "How did you get in here!"

   "Uh...I think I accidently teleported myself to the wrong place. I meant to go downstairs. Sorry." Luke replied, his voice groggy. With that, he evaporated into thin air.

    I shook my head, giggling, as I slipped on my sneakers and ventured downstairs, the smell of pancakes and maple syrup luring me into the kitchen.




The End

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