I woke up and immediately forgot where I was, it was a large room with a huge window, there was a chaise-longue in the corner and two doors. I slowly walked to the door which was smaller, opening it slowly I revealed a walk-in-wardrobe; I gasped looking at all the clothes, just my size. I smiled taking off my red skimpy dress from my date last night, was it really only last night? I looked out the window but couldn’t tell if it was morning or evening, after sliding on some skinny jeans and a polo I checked my phone. No message, I then realised I had no signal anyway; I sighed and opened the other door into the hallway. I stepped out walking straight into Ben.
“Sorry, sorry!” I said quickly,
“That was entirely my fault, didn’t hurt anyway, I seem to have this super hard skin now,” he grinned, “figured out your power yet?”
“Nope,” I shrugged, his mouth lifted into a crooked grin,
“You will soon,” he promised walking swiftly off.

I slid down against the wall and sat on the floor, no one else was thinking about this like I was. What was this place? Would we ever go back? Who brought us here? Why? I closed my eyes and breathed through my nose, someone was cooking pancakes downstairs; they must have been blowing the scent upstairs because I could almost taste it. I listened and could hear the flip of the pancake and the soft thud as it landed in the pan. I listened harder, I could hear someone snoring softly in a bedroom and I could hear two people having a conversation.
“I didn’t know this was hear!”
“We shouldn’t tell the others, it could be our secret games room…” It sounded as if they were whispering, they must be near, I thought. Going downstairs I saw a door which I hadn’t seen before, I opened it to find a cellar; I raced down the stairs and found Marc and Eve whispering to each other, I immediately knew it was them who had been whispering. I was in a room full of things to do, board games, a TV, bean bags, Xbox and pinball machine. How could I have heard them whispering two floors down? The floors were thick and had carpet which absorbed sound.
“Hi,” I said calmly,
“You found it too,” Marc smiled, “cool eh?”
“Yet you were going to keep it to yourself? Not tell anyone?” I challenged,
“Hey?! How did you know that?” Marc asked, “Were you listening?”
“You could say that, I just sort of overheard you, on the top floor,”
“But we’re underground in a cellar,” Eve pointed out,
“I know, but I could hear you. If I tune in, I can hear most things,” I began,
“What about see?” Marc asked,
“I don’t know…” I said slowly.
“Come!” Marc ordered, we went outside together.

“I’m going to hold up some fingers, you have to tell me how many,” he said, I nodded,
“No!” he smiled, “We’re going to stand meters apart!” he began to walk away from me, I did the same in the opposite direction. However even though he was almost three hundred meters away from me I could see his pupil in his eye, he lifted up his hand, revealing three fingers. I saw him smile to himself and push aside some strands of hair from his eyes which were caught in his eyelashes. His lips moved and I tuned into his voice,
“Can you hear this?” he whispered, I waved my hands in response, I knew he couldn’t hear me. A grin spread across his face and he began to run towards me, I could smell his scent and feel the air as he came towards me.
“How many?” he challenged,
“Three, I think you’ve helped me find my power, I’m not sure what it is…”
“Superhuman senses!” he cried smiling.
“What’s yours?” I asked, he shrugged, “Oh well, you will have one, I know you will,” I smiled, “Hey do you know where Ellie is?” he closed his eyes,
“Kitchen.” He replied.

The End

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