After the pizza everyone went in different directions, I decided to go and find the toilet. I walked up the stairs and saw it was engaged,

“Lucinda, you’ve been in there for an hour. Please come out,” William pleaded, I heard Lucinda sniffle,

“Hey what’s wrong?” I asked,

“Everything,” he replied and suddenly ran off. I knocked on the door,

“Lucinda, I’m really sorry but I’m bursting and I can’t find another toilet, do you mind?” I asked quickly, she slowly unlocked the door and sauntered off.


 I walked in, locked the door behind me when suddenly someone shouted.

“Don’t do it!” it was Luke,

“What the - ? How did you get in here?” I asked confused,

“I don’t know – one second I was outside, and the next I was in here.” I stared at him awkwardly and I realized I really need the loo,

“Well cam you try it again, because, ah, I really need to go,” I pointed at the toilet,

“I’ll just be on my way,” he closed his eyes and evaporated in front of me.


I went back downstairs and got the news from Jake, he was excited that he could turn into a tiger;

“And then I just exploded!” he cried, I smiled,

“That’s pretty cool,”

“Figured out if you can do anything?” he asked,

“Not yet,” I went outside to get from fresh air. This seemed like such a dream, I was supposed to be serving detention in school, but I was in some house with nine other teenagers, who apparently were as confused as I was. I couldn’t believe some of them could do magical things, I sensed someone round the other side of the house, I knew it was Ellie before I’d even seen her.

“Ellie what you doing out here?" I called out to me appearing from the house.

"I. Erm. How did you know that I was here?" she called back to me standing up. I ignored her question and opened the door.

"You first." I said holding the door for her.

"Thanks. I just needed some air and lost track off time. Your turn." she answered.

"Ok I don't really know, it's strange..." I began.

"Where is everyone then?" she interupted taking a can of coke from the fridge and offering me one. I took it and sipped at it, then said.

"Well quite a few of them are upstairs in one of the rooms, others are around."

"O'right, well I might go and see if I can snag a room." She had just finished her can when I decided to mention,

"O'yer Jake's tiger and William on the roof." She coughed on her coke.

"What? Do you think you can run that past me again?"  I smiled at her reaction,

“Everyone seems to have these paranormal powers, it’s weird,”

“I know what you mean,” she flicked her blonde hair behind her shoulder, “I don’t have anything cool,” she sighed,

“Me either,” I shrugged, “but it’s such a weird dream, I wish I did,”

“Dream?” she checked, “this doesn’t feel like a dream to me Marc, everything is too alive and real. Would you be able to feel this in a dream?” she punched my arm,

“Nope, guess not,” I said smiling at her weak attempt,

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I guess we’re here for a reason and once we find that out, we’re going to have a lot of work.”

“How do you know?” I asked, she smiled,

“I can feel it!” she laughed.

The End

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