I WAS A TIGER! What? Huh? How was that even possible. 

After Luke had disappeared again, I managed to shake myself out and suddenly I was me again. I patted myself down. Legs, check, arms, check. I was human! So that was my power? I could morph into a tiger? Then I had an idea. What if tigers wasn't my limit? 

I had to try this outside. I ran down the stairs, bumping past Eve and Jade. They followed me outside, and we stopped in the garden. 

"What's up? What's happened." Jade asked me, questioningly. 

"I think I might have found my power..." I told them. I closed my eyes and concentrated on an animal. I wanted to be impressive. I know. I had the perfect one. 

All of a sudden I felt my body grow. Once again, my arms grew longer till they were touching the ground, and this time my neck grew too. I could feel my face grow longer, and soon I was looking over the house. 

"A... A... giraffe?" whispered Eve. I started to laugh, and it was really deep and loud. 

"I can animal morph..watch this." 

I started to grow smaller, and suddenly I was jumping about as a Jack Russel. I ran circles round the girls, and they started laughing.

"So cute." Jade squealed. 

"Why thanks." I yapped, winking up at them. 

"That's freaky. Animals talking." Eve told me, as I morphed back into a human being. We began to walk back inside. 

"What's not freaky about all this. Any idea's on what this is all about?" I asked them. 

"I'm not sure. You'se got a stone didn't you'se?" Jade asked, and we both nodded. "Thought so. Have you found your power yet Eve?" She shook her head

As we walked into the house, Zoey came over to us. She looked kind of worried about something.

"Girls, will you come help me cheer Lucinda up. She's locked herself in the bathroom, and she's upset about something. She's been in there a while."

The End

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