So that was going to be my great power? Cooking? O' great, not that I wasn't grateful. But still. I ended up pottering in the kitchen for something to do, wiping the surfaces, straighten the chairs.

"Do you ever stop?" A voice called from the door Luke's voice. Luke was standing in the door his greenly blue eyes.

I laughed and said. "I guess not. These always something to do. I don't know."  

"Don't you just like chill?" He asked sitting on one of the chairs.

"Sometimes, but it hard switching off. Home well erm." I shrugged turning my back on him.

"Hey Ellie you ok?" He asked suddenly standing next to me. Teleportation pretty cool power.

"I'm fine, just erm. Need some air." I could feel his gaze on my back as I open the back door and stepped out.

What will he do? Will he go out looking for me? Will he even notice that I was gone? I was thinking about dad. Walking or rather stumbling around the house, calling my name and hearing nothing. I was leaning up against one of the tree near the house. The weather was changing, it was sunny and warm now it was cold and raining. Kinder like home then, Ireland. Green country side, then hussy city.

"Ellie what you doing out here?" Marc called out to me appearing from the house.

"I. Erm. How did you know that I was here?" I called back to him standing up.

"You first." He replied holding the door for me.

"Thanks. I just needed some air and lost track off time. Your turn." I answered.

"Ok I don't really know, it strange." He said.

"Where is everyone then?" I asked taking a can of coke from the fridge and offering Marc one. He took it slipping then said.

"Well quite a few of them are upstairs in one of the rooms, others are around."

"O'right, well I might go and see if I can snag a room." I was just finishing my can before Marc said.

"O'yer Jake's tiger and William on the roof."

I coughed on my coke. "What? Do you think you can run that past me again?"      

The End

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