Oh no! What have I done? I mean, I wanted to scare her a little bit, but not this! Lucinda has been in the bathroom for just over an hour! All I really wanted to do was to show off my new-found powers, not hurt her. I am such an idiot, how could I do that! Ugh, I paced back and forth around the bathroom door, every whimper I heard was like another nail being pounded into my chest. This was all my fault. As the time passed, my pace quickened, my shoes were starting to leave scuff marks on the new flooring by the bathroom.

Eventually I just couldn't take waiting any longer, I knocked on the door, "Lucinda, you've been in there for an hour. Please come out," I pleaded with her.There was no answer; just more sniffling.

"Hey, whats wrong?" Asked a very worried-looking Marc as he passed by.

"Everything," I said, then bolted up the steps to the roof, locking the entrance behind me.

Ugh, the weather was bright and sunny, not suited to how I was feeling. I just wanted to shrink into nothing, to cease to exist. If I didn't exist then I couldn't hurt anyone else with my stupidity. Then I remembered geology class, or more specifically, how rainclouds are made. It was with wind. I heated up the air down here and sent it rising upward, full of moisture. As I did, a cold wind started to blow in from somewhere nearby. Pretty soon dark clouds were forming over head. In about 10 minutes, there was lighting and thunder, and the first drops of rain were beginning to fall.

I curled up into myself as the rain quickly soaked me all the way through. How could I have done that? I hate seeing people in pain, physical or emotional, let alone when I was the one who caused it. Me, not someone else was the source of Lucinda's pain. How dare I? I know I thought this before...but I really wish I could just disappear right now. Never to be on the face of this earth again.

If someone were to have been up on the roof with me they would not have known it because of the rain, but tears were streaming freely down my face. I absolutely hated being the cause of pain...just in case you haven't gotten that by now. Eventually I fell asleep in the pouring rain, laying there in a fetal position. It must have been around 12:30 AM by the time I did though.

The End

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