Zoey: The Seventh Room

  This was such a strange house. Such a strange circumstance. Everyone here seemed to be have an unusual powers. Did I?

  I rubbed the amethyst between my hands as I climbed up the large stairs. Ten rooms. Ten teenagers. I peered in each room, each one different in it's own way. Different colors on the walls, different styles, different pieces. I guess I had to pick one. 

   Walking into the seventh room, I looked around. It had large, open windows, looking out onto the large yard, a gentle breeze ruffling the light sheers which framed them. A chair sat in the corner, making a little nook with cases of old looking books and a bouquet of flowers on a table next to the chair. A bouquet of purple and blue hydrangeas. My favorites.

    I was drawn to the little nook, picking random books off the shelves and flipping through their pages. I loved the smell of old books, almost as much as flowers. Smiling, I sat the little red one I held down and walked to the window, hanging my head outside so that my long, brown hair rippled in the gentle breeze.

   A violent gust of wind slapped me in the face,  making me jump in suprise. The guy I knew as William laughed, standing in the air. I chuckled, shaking my head and pulling myself back inside my room.

    I curiously walked over to a door which I assumed was a closet. Opening the door, I jumped, looking myself in the face.  Mirrors? Instantly I saw I still wore my crimpson cafe apron over my cloths. Furrowing my brow, I untied the back and tossed it inside, shutting the door behind it.  My hand still on the knob, I counted to ten and opened the door again. I blinked. The mirrors were replaced with a neatly hung cloths, including my apron. Pensively, I took out a pretty summer dress, holding it to my form. It looked like it would fit.

   "Nice room," grinned William playfully, making me turn in suprise. He sat on my open windowsill three stories up.

   "Hey, what are you doing there?" I laughed.

   "Just hanging out." he replied simply.

    I laughed harder. It was so unusual, but there he sat, talking as if everything was normal.

   "What's so funny?" William inquired.

    I shook my head still cracked up, "Nothing."

   "So, have you found out what your power is?"

    "No...yours is obviously flying. How cool." I said.

     He smirked mischieviously, "No, actually wind control. Ellie's the one that can really fly.  You wanna ride?"

    "Maybe some other time." I smiled, putting the dress back on the rack.

    "OK, then." He shrugged, leaping out of the window and flying away with the wind. "I'm going to go find someone else...."

     How strange. How so incredibly strange.  

The End

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