There were more teenagers my age in the house, that had also been dragged from there lives and brought here. Even after I had arrived more joined us, till there were ten. Five girls, and five boys. Some of them were even mentioning powers.

Everyone was talking to each other, wondering what was going on. A blonde girl, walked over to me, as the the guy called William went out to find his power. I laughed at the idea. It was impossible. 

"So where are you from, big guy?" She said to me. I grinned, shaking my shaggy hair out of my eyes. 

"England. What about you, small fry?" I said back to her, which made her laugh a cute laugh. 

"Australia, like you couldn't guess. I'm Jade. What do you make of all this?" she asked me, and I paused to think. What did I make of this? Well I certainly didn't believe in powers. 

"Hey are any of you guys hungry?" Someone shouted from the kitchen. What was her name? Ellie? I excused myself from Jade, and made my way to help the cook. I didn't interfere though, to the end. She seemed in her element, and moved around the kitchen like one of the top chefs that had cooked for me. 

When I tasted the pizza, I sighed. It was beautiful. 

"Hey I think your power might be cooking because this is out of this world." A girl called Zoey told her, and she beamed with pride. 

After the food, I wondered around the house, looking for signs of anything that could explain to me what was going on. I tried to ring my driver, but there was no signal. And where would I tell him to pick me up? Where was I? After I had checked the upstairs, and was going back down, a lad called William rushed in with the red head that had let me in the house. She was floating in the air, as if sat on an invisible cushion. My mouth fell. 


"What exactly did you do to make her faint?" A kid called Luke asked him.

"I-I didn't do anything. All of a sudden there were two of her, and now she's unconscious." William exclaimed. Two of her? I was still in shock with the fact she was floating. 

"Well don't you think we should you know, take her somewhere a little more comfortable?" Zoey asked, glancing at me and the other four boys.

"Don't look at me. I'm not going to carry her up the stairs. What if she duplicates herself while in my arms?"Luke said laughing.

"Good thing someone has Lucinda's back." Ellie said back to him. I stepped forward. This girl had fainted, and she needed help.

"I'll be glad to take her up to one of the bedrooms."  I volunteered. I scooped her up from the thin air, and carried her up to her room. She was light, and it was no effort. I took her into one of the first rooms, and as I placed her on the bed, she opened her eyes. 

"Hey. You fainted, so I brought you up here to rest. You okay?" I asked her, standing back. She sat up.

"Yeah. Thanks. I think I'm okay. Just a little dizzy. Have I been out long?" She said, looking up at me. I shook my head. 

"Only a few minutes." 

She stood up and shook herself. She seemed okay now, but I watched her closely. 

"Sure your okay?" I asked her, worriedly.

"Sure. Just, wow, duplication. How did I do that? Do you have a power?" She asked me. I shook my head. I was finding it hard to believe that others had one, never mind me. I left her too it, and wondered into my own room. Not that we had been assigned one, but I needed somewhere to stay tonight. 

I sat on my bed, and put my head in my hands. I was so confused. I was going home, from studying. I was going to sort my stuff out for Fran's birthday. What was I doing here? And powers! Surely, I didn't have one too. 

I stood up, and shook myself. 

Power appear, I thought. Nothing happened. Do something!

Suddenly I felt my body begin to change. I was growing larger, and I could feel my legs getting stronger. My arms grew till they were on the floor, and I could feel my whole body structure change. 

I tried to turn round, and as I did I knocked the wardrobe over. Then I saw in the corner of the room, Luke appear from no where. 

"OH MY GOD. A TIGER!" He yelled, and I jumped. I looked round, to see what he meant. 

"Where is it? What do you mean?" I asked, bewildered. But my voice was different. It was deeper, and after I had spoke a raw came out. 

"Jake?" Luke asked me, questioningly. 


The End

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