"How was the ride?!" I shouted, I raised a hand and slapped him, leaving a burning red mark on his cheek.

"You're unbelievable! You pig headed idiot! What? You thought you would scare me back? Well let me tell you something! I'm scared already, I mean how would you feel if you found out that theirs more then one of you!? I mean what if... what if I'm not even the real me?" I whispered quietly at the end. William looked at me and I saw guilt etched on his face,

"I'm sorry Lucinda... I didn't think about it like that." I glared at him,

"Yeah course you didn't! I mean you're all enjoying your lovely and awesome powers." I snapped hitting him again.

"Ow! Okay, you've really got to stop doing that." He said jokingly,

"You know what? I want to go home! I wished I had never found that stupid stone!"

I pushed my way pass William, he grabbed my shoulder.

"Wait Lucy!" I turned round,

"Don't call me that! No one calls me that!" I screamed, I felt tears overspilling. I fell on the floor sobbing.

Lucy. That's what mum and dad used to call me, they said they would be back that day. Ten years have passed since that day but I still feel the pain from it, they said they were just going to the shops for a few minuets. They said that I could stay at home with Liz my babysitter, I watched as they pulled out of the drive and went down the road. I watched as mum waved at me out the window, I watched as they got to the corner. I watched as the lorry slammed into the side of the car. I watched as the car flipped over. I watched as the ambulance came. I watched as they covered Mum and Dad's body.

They were going to send me to a foster family, they said Mum and Dad weren't coming back, I ran away. I didn't believe them, Mum had promised me, as I grew older I realized that they really weren't coming back.

William knelt beside me and put his arms around my shoulders.

"I'm sorry Lucinda. I'm really sorry." I didn't reply, I pushed myself away from William and stumbled up the stairs. I walked to one of the bathrooms and locked the door behind me, I sank to the floor and let my tears run freely.

I was aware that William came to stand outside the door, he knocked gently.

"Lucinda, you've been in there for an hour. Please come out." I didn't reply. I heard other people talking to William but I didn't care. I didn't want to be here, I wish I was dead.

The End

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