After, the scare I got from Lucinda I think I am going to give her a scare, I thought evilly, as I climbed the staircase to the roof. She had wandered outside again, which fit into my plan perfectly. Once I was up on the roof, I went to the edge and waited till Lucinda noticed me. When she did she screamed, "William! Get away from there!" She almost screamed, "You could kill yourself!"

I just smiled and got into a diving position.

"What are you doing William! You can't just jump off there! We need you!"  She was screaming now.

Ellie, came out and just sat there smiling. I flashed her a wink, and then jumped. Well, dived is a better word. I went down head first, arms outstretched. I had already formed a plate of air and was moving it down with me. Just before I hit the ground I leveled it out, and let the momentum carry me forward, all the while making sure that the platform of air was directly under me. I sped along the ground at around thirty miles an hour, and it was no time at all before I got to where Lucinda was standing. I whisked her up with me, forming a platform at our feet, then leveling us out.

When I looked over at Lucinda her face was still had an incredibly scared, but slightly awestruck look on it, like she was still trying to process what had just happened. Just to scare her some more, I dropped down until I was out of sight. Lucinda screamed. Ok maybe I was being a little too harsh on her, after all, it hadn't been her fault...I quickly flew back up and grabbed her shoulders.

"It's ok, I promise!" I told her, looking into her beautiful green eyes. It's my ability! I can control the air! I showed her by floating around on my invisible plaque of wind with a big grin on my face. "Uh, just don't do your duplicating trick up here, I don't want to have to catch one of you if you fall..." I trailed off, not wanting to scare her further. Then, just for kicks, I made another cushion of wind against her back and mine, and sped us up to around eighty miles an hour, she tried to scream, but it was ripped away from her mouth as soon as she opened it.  I turned us around and flew us through the open door of the house, depositing us in the deserted hallway.

"Well, how was the ride?" I asked

The End

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