Well, my dream has really gotten long, and a little uncomfortable. Because there  we were, a bunch of freaked out teenagers staring at each other. Elle had just run after William and the door slamming sounded like a thunderbolt in our little bubble of silence. I decided that it was time to see what the little scales meant. I took a deep breath and felt for them, it was like moving a limb and I pushed my scales out. I felt a weird tingling feeling. My stark white skin was now dark grey as the thousands of tiny scales surfaced. 

There were gasps from around the room. The boy called Luke edged away from me. I frowned at myself. Totally not smart. Now all the pretty girls think I'm a freak. I looked at my hand. Luke spoke up,

“Wow, looks like you’ve got that whole fish thing going on.”

“Yeah, I’m feeling a little freaky.” I said shakily.

Luke came closer to me hesitantly. He stretched out his hand as if torn between curiosity of the texture of my skin and repulsion. He finally decided on a quick poke. Now, normal human skin is flexible and you can push into it a little. Not my scales. Luke’s finger didn’t make the slightest indentation. He tore his finger away as if burned. I grinned this is cool.

“You’re hard!” he stated.

By now the entire room was staring and I was feeling more then a little self conscious especially with the beautiful red haired girl staring at me quietly. I found my self staring back she had deep pools of green and her hair fell to her shoulders. I shook my head and snapped my mouth closed which had fallen open in wonder. I was staring like a deer caught in headlights.

Blushing, turned back to my scales, I grabbed my left arm with my right hand and tried to squeeze. But it was like trying to squeeze an iron bar. I squeezed my very hardest. Nothing.  

“Guys, I’m going to see how far this hardness deal goes outside.” I said embarrassed at having them all staring at me. 

I hurried out the door and sped around the house so they wouldn’t look at me through the windows. There was a pile of boulders a couple  feet away. They were big and were marked to be disposed by a dump truck. I went up to the pile and with a groan picked up a large rock the size of three of my fists side by side. Ok it wasn’t that large but I’m not exactly Mr. Universe here.  I held the rock a little over my foot. Just a half a meter and dropped the rock. At the last second I torn my foot away. Coward, I thought to my self. But to many school bullies had beaten self preservation into me. I picked up the rock glancing around to see if anyone had seen the incident. This time I held the rock only a couple inches from foot and dropped. I braced my self but the stone bounced off. Wow. I picked it up again and let it fall from waist height. Nothing. I couldn’t even feel the impact. At a sudden inspiration I swung my fist down with all my strength at the boulder. Instead of breaking my fingers. Sparks and chips flew from the massive rock I hit. I stared with wonder at my fist. The grey scales were completely undamaged retaining there tiny square-like shape. This would defiantly work. 

I heard somebody talking about food. Scales or no scales I was hungry. I raced inside my scales fading. But they were there just under the skin, ready. 

The End

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