I sat eating my pizza amongst the other teenagers from all over the world, William was from Albania, Marc was French, we were such a diverse crowd but we all seemed to gel together to for an amazing group. The strange thing was, was that everything seemed so loud, I could tune in to the conversation at the far end of the table, even though they were whispering. The taste of the pizza was so delicious; I could taste every ingredient as if a million more taste buds had entered my mouth. I could see each strand of Lucinda’s red hair and smell Jake’s wood-like must from where I sat. It was strange, as if all my senses had been enhanced.

Sat next to me was Marc who had an attractive French accent and beautiful brown eyes, he was smiling and talking with the group and I smiled thinking to myself this was what our family used to be like, before my parents died. We all sat round the table, Mum, Dad, Max and Shelia. Shelia had been my sister, she was only two when she died along with Mum and Dad in the car crash, I was just thankful Max and I had each other. The thought suddenly came over me, Max would be worrying, I had left him, unless this was a dream, which I was sure it wasn’t because pizza never tastes this good in dreams, he was now totally alone. I got out my phone and scrolled through the numbers; I typed a quick message and then cancelled it. Maybe he thought I was spending the night with my boyfriend Zack,  I sighed and stood up. We all dispersed pretty quickly, I was still in a daze, everyone else seemed to know what was going on, suddenly a commotion began, I walked over to find Lucinda lying on the floor. Once Jake had carried her up I looked at my watch, which still showed Australian time.
“I’m sorry guys,” I said slowly, “I’m so tired, you know the time difference in Australia, it’s like 3am there, and I’m exhausted, do you mind?” I checked,
“Go ahead, there are plenty of bedrooms,” Marc said.

 I found the way to the stairs and slowly climbed up, I went into the first bedroom I cam across, the end wall was entirely made of glass. I looked out but because it was getting dark I couldn’t see much. I found my way to the bed and collapsed, kicking off my shoes and snuggling under the covers. Perhaps if I woke up I’d be back in Australia, back in my bed, back home with Max.

The End

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