Ok so this was just freaky. A house in the middle of no-where. 10 teenage kids randomly turned up. All having the same kind of story on how we all got here. A few of us heard our name but not everyone. Lucky for everyone else they didn't end up falling into a pound. Thankfully I was dry now. Small conversations had broke out while me and William being outside.

 My face wasn't hurting anymore either, thanks to Marc accidently hitting me in my face. Talk about hello. Marc was talking to Ben and Luke, someone must have found Marc a top to wear, coving up his impressive chest. The girls to were talking a monks themselves. I left them to it feeling slightly out of place, everyone was talking about powers wondering what they could have.

I went a tour around the house. It was big and clean lots of furniture too, when I went up stairs there were 10 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. All of bedrooms had comfortable looking beds with lots of pillows. The bathrooms looked identical to each other just different colour titles.Almost as if the house was just waiting for us. Strange.

I went back down stairs and followed the hallway which leads to the kitchen. Then I was in heaven, cooking was my thing I always did the cooking. Had too, you was lucky if dad could butter bread other then open up a beer can which he mostly did. So no he was no good. Uncle B (mums younger brother) worked in one of the towns hotels he was chef. I helped out from time to time when they had a big occasion booked.

It was huge lots of space to move around, marble surfaces also lots of cupboards. It had a really homely sense to it, safe and friendly. I wondered over to the fridge and open the huge doors. I gasped staring at the food which was neatly stacked; drinks of every shape and size were chilled. Stupidly I closed the doors again thinking that I was really dreaming. But when I open the doors again the food was still there. I began opening all of the cupboards, more food and drinks. Plates, bowls, glasses, cup everything neatly stacked and just waiting to be used.

"Amazing." I said quietly to myself. How is this even possible? I thought opening the kitchen draws and seeing the kitchen utensils. My stomach suddenly screamed at me. "OK you got a point." Talking to myself I went back into the living room.

"Hey are any of you guys hungry?" I asked them standing in the doorway.

"I could do with something to eat." Lucinda replied.

"Yep and me." Ben said.

"Think we all could really." Jade told me.

"You calling for pizza then?" Luke sarcastically replied small smiles appeared on the lads faces.

"Yer if you got the number smart arse." I shot back at him smiling, some of the others started to laugh at mine and Luke's little argument? Mess a round?  

"O' funny. No I fact I'll give you that." He smiled.

"If you two have finished." Eve said calmly but was still giggling.

"Yer anyway, the kitchen fully stocked so any requests for dinner?" I asked walking into the main room.

"Pizza?" Luke said smiling. Pizza it was then. Some of them wanted to help but I told them no. I liked the kitchen to myself I was in my zone.

"Ok so where are the trays?" I always talked to myself, looking around the kitchen. Found them, right at the top of the cupboards. So how do I get there?

"Need a hand at all?" A voice said behind me, I quickly turned round to see Jake standing behind me.

"Erm. You could place me those trays up there." I asked him.

"Sure been tall does have its advantages." He said placing me the trays smiling.

"Yer, I've being told that." Taking the trays of him and placing the pizza bases on the trays and putting them in the oven.

The smell of pizza flooded the room drawing in everyone into the table in the kitchen.

"Hey I think you power might be, cooking because this is out of this world." Zoey told me taking another bite from her pizza.

The End

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