"Hmm, you guys have powers, well some of you do anyways...do I have any?" I asked Marc.

He nodded, "But I am not sure what they are, or how you use them."

I thought about it, I really have no idea what power I could have...I don't feel any different...do I? No, I don't.

"Idea's anyone?" I asked.

"You could try to fly or something..." The cute blonde with pretty brown eyes piped up. What was her name? Uhhhh, oh yeah, Ellie.

"How would I do that? Jump off the roof?" I asked, grinning from ear to ear, hoping that took all the sting out of the jibe.

"I was thinking more just going outside and trying to make the wind pick you up or something..." She said, smiling back at me.

Now there's an idea! I nodded my thanks to her and headed outside, "I'll be right back!" I called behind me as I headed out the door. Maybe I could do just that!

Once I was outside I started running as fast as I could, which was a considerable speed considering I was as tall as Marc; and most of that height was in my legs. I had actually been asked to join track several times. I'd been told my dad had been a star track runner at this school while he went here. Mom said he still ran everyday, well, before he died anyway. I guess I don't really care, I was way to young to have any memories of him anyway. Yeah, back to the invites to compete in track...I was asked, but I had to get a job instead so sadly I was never able to compete there.

Right, concentrate on flying. The wind rushed through my hair, I frickin' LOVE the wind! Well, airplanes work by angling their wings upward so that the wind pushes them up...maybe if the wind were to push me up...

WOOSH! The wind suddenly picked up. blowing my hair everywhere. It surprised me so much that I stopped running, and the wind stopped. Can I do it while I'm not running? I wondered. I concentrated and the wind picked up again. Oh! It felt so nice to have the wind rush through my hair like that! I made it go even faster, so fast that I could lean all my weight on it. Ahhhhh, that felt so nice!

The door to the house opened and Ellie came out. She ran up to me, but once she got within about three meters of me the wind caught her and started to throw her to the floor. Oh no! I quickly reversed the way the wind was flowing, which picked her back up and put her on her feet again. I however was not so well prepared for the sudden reversal of direction, and got pushed to the ground.

Oof! the air rushed out of my lungs as I hit the ground. "Are you alright?" Ellie's face came into view above me. I nodded, coughed, and sat up.

"Just had the wind taken out of me." I said with a smile.

I got up, "Well, I don't know about flying, but wind..." I trailed off, then sent a gust of wind to tussle her beautiful blonde hair. Hey, did you know wind can move so fast that it acts like a solid? I said, thinking of that for the first time myself. I held my pointer finger up, and formed a bullet shaped peice of incredibly high-speed wind at it's tip. Then I sent it flying at a near-by rock. It went right through so fast that it left a hole in the middle of the rock, without even moving the rock. Then I formed a platform of wind under the rock, and picked it up.

I looked at Ellie, grinning like a kid who has just been let loose in a candy store. She was staring on in amazement. Then I got an idea, if I can lift a rock...YEAH! I formed another platform of air, but bigger this time, about two meters by two meters. Then I stepped on, my feet didn't go through! It held! Then I moved the platform upward, and it lifted me up above the ground. Sweet! I can fly! Kinda...

I moved over to Ellie, who was still staring at me, open mouthed. "Want a ride? I asked.

"Uh, I think I'll pass just now, your still new and all...well, who knows what might happen...maybe when you have more experience." I smiled and let the wind platform dissipate. "Alright, let's go inside..." I said as I headed back toward the house.

The End

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