I was walking down the street to my house in Toulouse, France, it was a hot day and I had my shirt off. I was wearing my blue shorts down to my knee and my flip flops, I had just been swimming in the local pool and was on my way home.

“Marc!” Andrea called from across the street she ran over to me and kissed me, the French way,

“Hello Andrea,” I smiled, she was the neighborhood flirt and everyone knew it,

“It’s nice to see you looking so….” She was lost for words, “hot!” she ended, I smiled and flicked my brown hair from my eyes.

“Merci,” I smiled, “I like your dress,” I stated, she spun round letting it fan out around her legs,

“Merci beaucoup,” she laughed, I noticed how I towered over her even though she was wearing high heels,  “You have grown Marc,” she smiled,

“I know, I’m almost six foot five,” I smiled, she stopped in front of me.

“Excuse me, I’ve got to get back,”

“Can you not wait for a while with me?” she asked pouting her lips. I was very tempted her beautiful blonde hair fell around her elbows and her blue eyes we enchanting.

“Not today,” I said and kissed her goodbye. I had to get back home because I was working, working in school to serve as my detention. I had received a detention because…

I had been sitting in class flicking ink at the boy in front of me’s shirt when I heard my name,

“Monsieur May, please come with me,” I stood up and sauntered out of my English lesson, I used to live in England when I was younger and I knew the language as well as I knew French. I could tell I was in trouble, I always was but it didn’t bother me, the more detentions the better. I smiled as I was pushed into the office,

“Marc,” the principle smiled sadly, “sit,” he commanded. I obeyed, “Was it you who released the rats from biology into the corridor?”

“They were in a cage this big,” I made a small inch with my finger and thumb,

“So it was you!”

“Yes,” I nodded, “So?”

“I have had enough of your cheek, those rats made the whole west side of school unsanitary, you must come back this Wednesday and clean it!” he ordered,

“But…” I began. Wednesday was the day in the week when we had time off, in France very few pupils go to school on Wednesday. It was an extra day, a day to have fun, and now I had to work. Fantastique!

Anyway once I got into school I received a mop and bucket and was told to start work right away, I got into the corridor and the smell was bad enough to make me gag. I began wiping the floor with sanitizer when I heard a call. I stopped,

“Marc!” I put down the mop and went outside, “Marc!” I heard it again. I looked around the empty school field,

“Get back inside!” yelled the principle coming over to me, “Is it not bad enough you are here today? Do you enjoy detention?” he shouted,

“Marc!” I felt a strange pull coming from the centre of the field, I jogged over to
knelt down to see a Jade stone, the principle was meters away. I picked it up and watched as the ground fell from beneath me and I was tossed through the air landing on a hard pavement. I shook myself off, feeling dizzy I lay on the ground for a while longer. Slowly I got up and saw a huge house looming above me; I knew people were inside, I knew there were nine teenagers in that house. I knew a boy with black hair had just gone through the door. I didn’t know how I knew, but I felt it in my bones. I jogged up to the door, still in just my shorts and knocked, but before my knuckles could rest on the glass it was opened and I hit a small girl in the face.

“Oww!” she complained,

“Pardon!” I apologized.  

“Welcome, how many more are there going to be?” she asked the rest of the group, they all shrugged.

“I’m the last.” I said confidently.

The End

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