"Luke! Are you even listening to me?" My annoyingly older sister, Vanessa, put her hands on her hips and gave me the evil eye.

"Hardly." I admitted sourly.  I had stopped listening an hour ago, sick of this day-long shopping trip I had been forced into. Nothing better to do, I was looking into a store window that was tinted enough to give me back my reflection. I liked the way that I looked- my black hair grown out long enough to almost cover my blue-green eyes. Well, they were more blue today because of my navy blue shirt, but they changed with whatever I wore. My smile was bold, and took up most of my face. I moved my hair around, trying to get it to sit perfectly. Once that was done, I smiled at myself. "Wow you look extremely gorgeous!"

"I swear, you are the hardest person to live with, just because you are so full of yourself." She grabbed a fistful of out of the back of my shirt and pulled me into another store.

"Hey! Get your hands off me!" I pulled away from her, which was fairly easy seeing that I was way taller than her. That was a good thing about being tall, it gave you the upper hand in most situations.  "Have you got it into your thick skull yet that I'm 16? I don't need to be pushed and pulled around like a five year-old." I scowled as I brushed off the part of my shirt that had gotten into her clutches.

"Then act like it." Vanessa retorted.

"Then act like it." I mocked back, making my voice as annoying as possible.

She sighed. "Seeing as your going to be no help here, why don't you just go start the car? I'll finish up here and then you can pick me up at the entrance."

"Don't be surprised if I leave without you." I said sarcastically, as I headed out the store and made my way to the exit. As I walked, I begin to get angrier and angrier. Vanessa had no right to boss me around.  I was practically an adult- I could make my own decisions.

I walked through the automatic doors, and thought I heard my name, but I wasn't sure.

The night air hit me, and with it a voice also, this time distinct. "Luke..." Looking around, I saw that I was alone, which seemed odd for a mall.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something shimmering on the ground. "What's this?" I bent down to take a closer look. It was a blue gem- a blue topaz to be exact, my birthstone, the birthstone of December.

Right as it made contact with the flesh of my palm, I felt a flash, as if lightning had struck me, yet I felt no pain. The shock knocked me off my feet, leaving me on my back.

I looked around to find I wasn't in the parking lot anymore, or anywhere that I recognized. Yet I still had the blue topaz in my hand. I placed it in my pocket and took a look around my surroundings. It seemed that I was in a field, and the only significant sight was a house, with bright lights shining.

Seeing as I really had no other choice, I moved toward the house, and cautiously knocked on the front door.

A girl greeted me, she had glasses on, which went over her brown eyes. "Hey, I'm Zoey. Why don't you come in?" She opened the door wider and I could see I was in a room full of bewildered looking people; I would fit right in.

"I'm Luke." I stated simply, before taking a step inside.

The End

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