I rubbed my hands together, then hid them deeply in my thick pockets. I was walking home from the Library and it was freezing. Nothing new though, for lovely England. I was wearing my thickest coat, yet still the icy air found it's way to my bones.

I passed different people in the streets, and wondered where they were going. What was waiting for them, what was they leaving. Maybe one of them had a decent home to go to. Don't get me wrong, I had everything that I needed. My parents were, well, millionaires, and I was never short of anything. But they needed to get their money some how, and I knew that even at this time they would be working. I had got used to living without them though. 

My phone buzzed and I lifted it out into the chilly air. 

Hey baby. Just reminding you its my big birthday party tomorrow. I want us to match so only wear red and black. Make sure you look good I want to make an impression. Love you lots, Frannie x x x x

I sighed. I had forgotten about that party, and if truth be told I was dreading it. All of Frannie's snobby friends would be there, and I wouldn't be able to so much as sneeze with out it being reported to half of the school.

I didn't think I would be able to cope with Fran herself either. We had been together now for two months, and all she had managed to do was bore me. At first, I was quite surprised by how much she was interested in me. Hey, I'm a guy and she was pretty. Who wouldn't? But I soon came to realise it was just my money and popularity that she was after. I was just a means to the top, and now she was there, I didn't even think she'd be too bothered if we split. 

I turned the corner, and banged into someone. Quickly apologizing, I carried on walking, aware that the stranger was scowling behind me. My parents had gave me enough money to get a taxi across the country, but I enjoyed the small walk. Even if the damn air was slowly turning me to ice. If only I had thick fur like the polar bears. 


I turned round, but no one was there. The street was deserted. I shook my head; clearly the cold and the time was getting to me. It was late and I was tired. 


I spun round. Surely I wasn't imaging that. It sounded so... solid. I glanced down a small alley, and I heard my name again. It was like a soft lullaby, and it started to draw me in. I found that my feet began to carry me further into the alley, and I had no control over them.  All of a sudden I stopped. 

Glancing down, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a dazzling blue stone. I picked it up, and realised it was a sapphire - my birthstone. How weird. I moved my legs, and noticed I was in control again. Turning back though, I found not a cold partly lit street, but a huge house. 


I had no idea how that had happened. I span round, and everything was gone. All around me was nothing but empty fields. Turning back towards the house, I heard the faint sounds of other voices. I closed my eyes. This was not happening. I wasn't here. I was in England, round the corner from my house. I was cold, I was tired, I was me. 

I opened my eyes. 

There stood the house still, with shining lights coming from the windows. I shook myself, and began to breath slowly. Nothing to do but knock on, I thought. If anyone would be able to explain what was going on, surely it would be them. 

Knocking on the main front door, I waited nervously. They were going to think I was mad. Just as I was about to turn away, a young girl answered the door. She had shocking red hair, and beautiful green eyes. I towered over her, and I suddenly felt quite awkward. 

"Sorry erm, your not going to believe this, but I just appeared, from home. It's like I ... just disappeared and then ... arrived. I'm not making sense am I?" I was aware I sounded bizarre and even silly. 

"No. Your making perfect sense. And you not alone, I just appeared too. Come in." she told me, and I sighed in relief. 

The End

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