Jumping over tables and chairs in the school canteen was not how I wanted to spend my lunch at school. Nor running for my life really fitted the bill. But still here I was. The exit was looming in front of me just a few more meters. Suddenly, someone grabbed my white school shirt and yanked me back.

"Ahh, going so soon little Ellie?" Grace's perfect voice taking on a whole new evil tone. Grace the schools biggest Barbie doll you called ever come across also the meanest girl you could ever meet. These all ways been and love hate relationship between us. Grace loved to pick on me (due to the fact that I was tiny for my age, more pixie like) and I hated her for it. She thought she was all that just because her family had money.

"What's it to Barbie? You want to borrow my lip gloss?" I half joked that yeaned me a slap in the face.

"Like I would want anything from you?" She spat at me. "Now what was it that you called me? Right before you ran away like a little kid?"

"Erm you know I don't actually remember. And wow look at the time I'm going I've got assay to write." I say stepping away from her, Grace just smiled something evil was behind that smile.

"I'll catch up with you later." Her smile went leaving her cold hard face. This wasn't good.

"Right where I left you." I muttered to myself looking down at my alcoholic father. I carried on up to my room and dumped my school bag grabbing a slice of cold pizza and headed back out. I ended up running down the country lane of no reason at all. The wind blows my short choppy blonde hair behind me.

"Ellie..." I stopped dead in my tracks looking around, what the hell was that?

"Ellie..." The voice called again it was coming from the woods. I slowly walked puzzled someone kept calling my name.

"Ellie..." It called again; it was coming from the pound. I leant down to the water edge something was in the water shinnying up at me. It was a reddish colour a stone. My hand reached for the stone I couldn't reach it.

"O' come on." I complained to myself moving more further to the edge. Then I fell in grabbing the stone. That's when everything went weird.

I was lying on the hard ground coughing, holding the reddish stone. I looked at it more closely. Garnet. January birth stone how ironic my birthday was in January. ok so now I was freaked.

"Well that makes 6. Do you think anymore are going to come?"  A male voice said. I blinked a few times trying to work out where the hell I was.

"Hey are you ok?" A girl with brown hair and eyes asked helping me up.

"I. Erm think so." I told her I socked though. Still in my school uniform, black knee length skirt and white button up shirt clung to my skin. Great.

"What's you name?" A different girl asked. I looked around and seen a girl with black hair green eyed coming over to me.

"Ellie, yours?" I told them smiling.

"I'm Eve and this is Jade, Zoey and that's William and Lucinda. Zoey not long arrived." Eve informed me each one of them smiled or gave a little wave.

"Wow you got a stone too." One of the girls Zoey I think her name was suddenly said pointing at the stone in my hand.

"I really don't understand this. How did we even get here?" I wondered.

"Did any of you hear your name being called?" William asked us. We all looked at each other.

"Yer. Then I found this stone." I told them.

"Same here."

"Me too."

Strange we all found these stones and ended up here? What was going on?

The End

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