I pushed my reading glasses against my face as I scanned the words, quickly taking notes on the nearest piece of paper-a napkin with a coffee ring already dampening it. I swore quietly as it ripped under my pen, crumpling it in my first and setting it aside. Grinding my teeth, I set down my book and began digging through my deep, dark totebag, an endless pit of things I needed and things I didn't need. Don't I have a piece of paper in here, somewhere? Of all the things in here.... 

   "Zoey!" called Beth from behind the counter, a line of customers growing in the cafe. "Need you now!"

   "Dammit," I murmured to myself, tossing my reading glassed and the heavy study book into my bag, hoping that it wouldn't crush my packed lunch for later. I straightened my crimpson uniform apron, tucked some loose hair behind my ears, and joined Beth and the others behind the chaotic counter, where orders were being shout out at a million miles per hour and people rushed about, hot coffee in their hands or trying to find a blueberry muffin somewhere. Why did I work here?  I was a disaster waiting to happen with my out of control clumsiness. Oh yeah, because my Aunt Beth was the manager, and I needed a job to pay for college tution. That's right.

   "Get anything done?" Beth inquired between breaths as she flew past me.

   "Not really," I said, trying to dodge her before she ran me over.

   "Zoey, would you go back and get me some more drink holders from the storage room?" cried out Wayne a little ways away.

    I nodded, "Sure," and turned around abruptly, running head on into Maryanne. She shrieked, hot coffee pouring down her shirt and dripping off her face. "Oh my God, I am so sorry," I tried to dab her off with the nearest napkins, heat rising to my face as everything in the Cafe stopped and stared at us. What a bad day. "Oh, Maryanne, I am so, so sorry." 

    "Stop it, stop it!" she yelled at me as I continued to try to wipe some of the spilled coffee off of her.

   "Here," Beth said quietly, taking the napkins away from me and grabbing Maryanne by the shoulders. She sternly glared at me as she started to walk Maryanne back to the Ladies' Room, "Go get the holders, Zoey. Get back to work everybody...she's alright...everything's alright...get back to work!"

    I blushed harder and bolted off as I felt eyes burning into my back as I fled for the storage room.  I yanked the door open, jumping when one of the hinges tore. Crap! I glanced at it, furrowing my brow. What was the matter with me?  Weird....Fix it later, promise. I thought to myself, gently setting it back on it's two working hinges as I rushed into the storage room.

   "Zoey..."  a soft voice called from inside the small room, packed with boxes and random things.

   "What!" I jumped, turning around. "Who was that?"

    "....Zoey....," it murmured again.

   "Whoah!" I cried out as my feet walked without being intructed, brining me over to a corner stacked with boxes.  Terrified, I helplessly watched as my arms knocked over the pile, picking up one off the floor. Not by my own doing, I tore the top open easily, to find nothing in the box accept a small amethyst at the bottom.

    Curiously, I picked up the maginificent purple jewel, letting it rest in my palm. "What the-!?" I yelled as the room disappeared around me and a gust of wind whipped my brown hair about my face so that I could barely see, feeling as if I was falling....without a parachute.

     The breath was knocked out of me as I hit some hard ground. Slowly, I sat up, brushing the loose hair away from my face. Where was I?

   There were several teenagers around about my age, all looking confused as well. I stumbled to my feet as they all looked at me. "Uh...hello?" I said.  

    This couldn't be real. It was one of those strange, confusing dreams. I was still asleep, in bed.

     It must be a dream....right? 




The End

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