People brushed pass me on the pavement, giving me dirty looks as if it was my fault that they decided to bump against me. I tucked a loose strand of brilliant red hair behind my ear and stuffed my hand deep into my long black, woolen coat. I glanced up at a shop window and looked at my reflection, a girl of medium height with flame red hair that looked like it was dyed, it wasn't. She had huge, innocent green eyes thickly lined with eye liner. This week she had chosen to wear a long black coat and rainbow scarf that took people's attention away from her hair. My mother and father had described me as mystical looking when I was a child, but now they were gone and I was working in a dead end job at a corner shop, where to owner shouted and spat at you. I felt my yawn clench in irritation at the thought of having him yell and scream at me again for no apparent reason.

"Lucinda" I snapped my attention away from the window and glanced around me, sure I had heard someone say my name. I just got dirty looks so I put my head down and carried on walking down the busy street,

"Lucinda" OK, now I knew I didn't imagine that! I stopped and someone who was walking behind me bumped into me. They pushed me out the way and I stumbled into the side alley, I turned around to yell at that person but something caught the corner of my eye. I lowered my fist and looked down at the ground, I knelt on the concrete and reached out a hand to lift up a piece of newspaper. Underneath it was a stone that was a topaz.

Picking it up gingerly I turned it around, the topaz was a beautiful reddy-orange colour and it was kind of the same colour as my hair. I stood up, not taking my eyes off the topaz that was in my hand, but as I turned my gaze away from the stone I saw that I was no longer standing in the alley way.

In front of me was a house and I saw the back of a boy just as he walked through the front door. I looked behind me and saw that the place was completely deserted except for this one house. Why is there a house in the middle of no where? Wait how did I even get here?! I felt myself starting to panic, I tried to calm down. I mean at least I know that there is someone out here.

I moved closer to the house, putting the topaz in my coat pocket, I knocked gently on the door, no one answered and I was beginning to panic again, I mean what if these people were... The door opened to show the boy that I had just seen go in, he was tall and had the look of someone strong, his hair was light brown and he had blue eyes that looked down at me.

"Um hi." He said awkwardly,

"Uh... Yeah hi... Um where am I?" I asked nervously, I glanced around and pulled my coat tighter around me.

"Yeah that's what I want to know too?" I looked back at him and he smiled holding out a hand,

"I'm William by the way."

"Lucinda" I said taking his hand ans shaking it, he moved out of the way and motioned for me to go inside. I looked once more around me and then walked in, there were two other girls standing inside the house.

William closed the door behind him and walked round me,

"This is... Eve right?" He said pointing to a girl with black hair and green eyes like me. She nodded and said,

"Hi there!"

William pointed to the other and said,

"And that's Jade?" I looked at the other girl and she had blonde hair and blue eyes like William.

"Yep. Heya" She said smiling at me.

The End

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