I stood on a cliff, high up on Mt. Dajti. My eyes were closed, and I just stood there, feeling the wind as it rushed past me. The air really is an amazing thing, it is what keeps us alive, and yet it has the power to kill; just look at Hurricane Katrina! When I opened my eyes I noticed the sun had already completed three quarters of its daily cycle.

Uh oh, Mom is gunna kill me!

I jumped onto my motorcycle and started driving down the mountain. I wish I was eighteen! Then I could drive! Ah well, it's better this way anyways, this way I can feel the wind tear through my hair as I charge down the mountain at high speeds...

The name is William by the way, I'm 16, and in case you hadn't noticed, I love being in the wind and where ever there is fresh air. I got home just in time, the sun was just going down, tinging the sky a beautiful shade of indigo.

"You're just in time for dinner!" Mom called from the kitchen of our apartment, "Where have you been?" she added as I came into the kitchen.

"I just went up to Dajti, I needed to get away from the city for a while." I told her.

"What you need is a girlfriend, keep you here sometimes, maybe even teach you something about responsibility every once in a while," Mom commented, as she always did when I stayed out a little later than she would have liked.

"When I find the right girl, I'll let you know mom," I replied.

Oh boy, I really do need a girlfriend; someone I can actually trust and confide in...but most of the girls around here...ugh, I just want someone who will be there, and not go off with someone else, someone who loves me for who I am, not just because I am tall and strong. A lot of people would give anything to be tall and strong, I really wouldn't mind being normal every once in a while. I sighed, washed my hands, and got out a plate from above the sink. I ambled over to the oven and looked inside the beaten up pot that sat on top of it. Grosh, I love grosh, a wonderful brew of beef broth and navy beans. I quickly scarfed it down then headed back out the door.

"Where are you going?" Mom asked.

Ugh, I know that it must be hard for her, she is an only mom, and I am her only son...but does she really have to know where I am every second of every day?

"I don't know, I just want to get out for a while...maybe to find that girlfriend I need so badly," I smiled as she laughed. Despite all her short-comings I still love her, she is definitely the best mom there is.

As I went outside I stubbed my toe on a loose rock. Ah! I barely kept myself from yelping as a clear stone clacked across the cracked sidewalk. What is that? Is that what I think it is? Cause it sure looks like a diamond to me!

I bent over to pick it up; this might be the chance for me and mom to get a real house! Instead of living in this stupid, brightly colored apartment! When I straightened out again I knew that I wasn't at my apartment anymore. There was a house right next to me.

"Um, hi? I'm Eve." I looked around, who said that? I wondered, the voice had come from inside the house.

I crouched down and slowly crept to the door. If whoever was in that house was bad, I sure didn't want to get caught. As I peeked through the door though, I saw two teenage girls: a pretty, short one with blonde hair and blue eyes; and one with wet, black hair, and beautiful green eyes. Hmm, they look good enough, I thought to myself, and maybe one of them knows what is going on here.

"Hi, I William," I said as I walked through the door, hoping that my faded jeans and black T-shirt weren't stained or something.

The End

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