The night that it happened, the night I changed was an extraordinary night for me. And now I had been changed for all eternity and nothing could change that, I knew there were others and I knew there was a reason for why I was changed, I just had to figure it out.

 “Jade, he’s here!” called my brother from downstairs, I applied my lip-gloss and ran downstairs, he appraised my red dress and black cardigan. I slipped on my high heels and made my way to the door,

“Have fun,” my brother punched my arm, “don’t stay out too late,” he winked, I rolled my eyes and stepped out into the night.

“You look gorgeous,” said Zack, pulling me closer I smiled and kissed him on the cheek,

“Thank you,” I smiled and he led me to his car, “where are we going tonight?”

“I was thinking that fancy new restaurant in town,” he said,

“Sounds good,” I smiled, got in the car which he revved and began driving. I sat in my seat and looked at my handsome boyfriend, I felt plain compared to him I had long blonde hair with natural ringlets. By now I was used to the huge difference in looks between me and him, I had been going out with him for four years and we were best friends. When we got to the restaurant he opened the door for me and helped me out, we walked arm in arm to the door and were quickly seated near the window. After ordering our food we began to talk again,
“How’s  Max?” he asked, Max was my brother,

“He’s okay I guess, we’re still both mourning for our parents, but we’re surviving,” I said slowly. My parents had died two months ago in a car crash; luckily Max was nineteen and wanted to take care of his sixteen-year-old sister. It had been an emotional rollercoaster ever since that dark night,

“Jade!” came a voice, I froze and looked around, “Jade!” the voice cried again,

“Can you hear that?” I asked wiping away my tears, he rubbed my shoulder and shook his head,
“Hear what?” he asked,

“Jade!” I stood up, a strange feeling told me I needed to go outside,

“Excuse me for just one moment,” I said to Zack he nodded and watched me as I dashed outside, I followed my head and the strange pull taking me to the garden of the restaurant. The pull had my feet walking and my brain not thinking about what was happening, it was the strangest sensation. I stopped in my tracks and looked down to see a bright red gem stone at my feet, I gasped and knelt down just to make sure, it looked like a ruby. I slowly reached down and touched it, suddenly I was travelling through the air, I wasn’t outside the restaurant with Zack, I was in a house surrounded by similarly confused people. Even though they stood far away I could hear their conversations, smell their natural scent, see their imperfections on their skin and taste their surprise.
“Where am I?” I said slowly looking at the ruby in my hand, had it just teleported me?

The End

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