What would you do if you were suddenly given magical powers?

Paranormal. Supernatural. Mystical. Out of this World.

This is a story about ten teenagers. Ten normal teenagers.
All living lives not knowing the threat which hung over their head, now they have the power to change the world. Will they take it?
Before you begin to read into the story you have to remember one thing. Whatever the future holds, whatever happens in your life, whatever choices you make. 
It Is Your Destiny.



Ten normal, diverse, energetic teenagers are all the in the same blood line, all having descended from the Lost Civilization of Atlantis. Years ago the Black Ones came to this earth to find refuge but the Atlanteans fought them, proving the earth was already inhabited. The Black Ones lost the fight and only ten remained, but the ten caused havoc for the island and sent a Tsunami towards it, destroying the land. They have now returned to recapture the earth, but all that stands in their way are the ten teenagers.

Power: Flight
Stone: Garnet
Looks: Blonde hair. Brown eyed. Small. Cheeky looking
Personality: Brave. Caring. Lonely. Clever. Sarcastic
Origin: Ireland
Author: FITZY

Power: Strength
Stone: Amethyst
Looks: Brown hair. Brown eyed. Tallish. Stylish looking
Personality: Clever. Clumsy. Outgoing. Kind
Origin: US&

Power: Speed
Stone : Emerald
Looks: Black hair. Green eyed. Middle-sized. Wild/pretty looking
Personality: Funny. Calm. Cunning. Clever
Origin: UK

Power: Duplication (Can create a duplicate of yourself)
Stone: Topaz
Looks: Red hair. Green eyed. Middle-sized. Mystical looking
Personality: Quiet. Courageous. Cunning. Hot tempered
Origin: Russia
Author: ALMACH

Power: Superhuman Senses
Stone: Ruby
Looks: Blonde hair. Blue eyed. Small. Pretty looking
Personality: Outgoing. Smart. Happy. Clever&
Origin: Australia
Author: KIRI

Power: Superhuman Tracking
Stone: Jade
Looks: Brown hair. Brown eyed. Tall. Dark skin. Big eyes
Personality: Player. Clever. Outgoing. Brave. Thoughtful. Kind
Origin: France
Author: KIRI

Power: Immortality
Stone: Quartz Studded Granite
Looks: Blond hair. Blue eyed. Tall. Pale skin. Old looking (not like old man, but old for his age)
Personality : Nerdy. Calm. Courageous. Bashful
Origin: US

Power: Air and Wind Manipulating.
Stone: Diamond
Looks: Light brown hair. Blue eyed. Tall. Wild looking
Personality: Nice. Lonely. Calm. Gallant. Caring. Straight forward
Origin: Albania
Author: SKOOCH

Power: Teleportation
Stone: Blue Topaz
Looks: Black hair. Greeny/blue eyed. Tall. Cheeky looking
Personality: Witty. Sarcastic. Happy. Brave
Origin: US
Author: xLittleHill_TheIrishGirlx

Power: Animal Morphing
Stone: Sapphire
Looks: Brown haired, lots. Brown eyed. Tall. Deep eyes
Personality: Kind. Thoughtful. Fierce. Recluse
Origin: UK

Timaeus <male>: Teleportation. (Himself and others) [Jade]
Critias <male> : Mind Reading [Jake]
Socrates <male> : Can control matter with his mind [Zoey]
Hermocrates < female > : Invisible Barrier with Weak Spots [Luke]
Solon < female > : Inflict pain by eye contact [Lucinda]
Dropides <female> : Can take any form of power [Marc]
Atlas <male>: Fire thrower [William]
Hercules <male>: Resurection + Superhuman breath [Ben]
Atlantis <male>: Gravity Manipulating [Eve]
Carnaxa <female> : Lightning [Ellie]


The End

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