10 - Caught OutMature

I got in early, as usual, and as usual, no one was around. I got on with some work, filing and planning and stuff, but what I was really thinking of was the upcoming task. I was going to tell the gentlest man alive that he had to kill someone, and make him do it.

Eventually he arrived at five o'clock.

'Hey where you been?' I asked as I looked up from my desk. Without waiting for an answer, I carried on. 'I need to talk to you. Basement. No one can be around. It's important.'

He led down to the lower rooms of the tall building. This was private, behind the scenes space for my "little minions" as some people referred to them. Basically space where we could relax and hang out when we weren't doing a job.

‘Okay, what is it?’ he asked.

‘I got a job for you.’ I sighed.

‘What like paperwork? Why is that so special? I do it every day!’

‘No, not paperwork. A job.’

‘Oh.’ He sighed. ‘So what do I have to do?’

‘His real name is unknown but he calls himself Vir. He needs to be taken out. It doesn’t matter how, or how many people need to be killed in the process, but he needs to be killed – by you.’

‘Why me?’

‘Because you need to kill him!’ I shouted.

‘Okay, okay. So I have to ….. kill.’ I saw that it was hard for him to say the last word. It just wasn’t his thing.

I felt bad. I didn’t want to make him kill someone, really I didn’t. It had to be him though. He was so weak, he gave into everything. He had to be able to stand up for himself, especially seeing as he was technically now a criminal. This of course would be the hardest of missions I could give him. Vir was impossible. I had known him, for a while. No doubt Steel knew he was in the area as well, and had sent his toughest guy for the job. Well I had tricked him. He wouldn’t expect Perry. I thought he would actually be quite good. But he had to kill Vir, because Vir had killed his dad.

‘Yes, Peregrine.’

‘That was what you called me about last night. I see. So that is my mission?’

‘Yes. I’m sorry it involves… that.’

‘I’ll be okay.’ He said quietly, to my surprise (although I pretended I wasn’t).

‘I knew you wouldn’t be. According to a recent report from Saoirse, I must warn you, there is a very slight possibility of complications.’

‘What sort of complications?’

‘That I cannot tell you. They may never come into being. But if anything crops up, keep focused on your task and I promise you will not be further distracted, harmed or discovered.’ I couldn’t tell him he was up against a ruthless killer and probably one of the best assassins in England. He might not accept the mission.

‘And if I do not keep focused?’

‘As I said, there will be consequences – for all of us.’

‘I see, I will do my best.’

‘You will do more than your best.’

I started out of the room. I had heard something a few minutes ago but pretended not to. I know someone was there for definite now. As I stepped out into the main leisure area, I saw Saoirse laid down on the sofa. She had obviously heard some of, if not all of the conversation. She was also obviously pretending to be asleep.


I glared at her. I had told her not to stay overnight in the den. If she only used her money properly and bought a house instead of drugs or alcohol or whatever crap she wasted it on.

Standing up, she flicked a key onto the table.

‘The man has been disposed of adequately?’ I said coldly.

‘Untraceable. A small folding bomb with an untraceable shell. It will have terminated the man and possibly a few others near him. But untraceable.’

The End

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