9: Jay; The CallMature

After telling Allura and Spike off for their less than useful behaviour in the living room. Honestly they had their own rooms if they really were in need of screwing each other! Or better yet they could use their comfy salary to purchase a nice flat far away from here.

" Like teenagers aren't they?" Said an older haggard man with greying hair , and dull blue eyes. 

"I'm a bit young to judge that Harry. But they are just coming out of those years so I don't blame them. I just don't like walking in on it." Jay replied.

"Well the other problems is since Allura is the only women in this place its bound to happen because a lot of us don't have the time for personal lives." Harry continued the conversation that Jay really had no interest in continuing.

"Everyone here is got an eye on that girl Harry. But I'm not going to have us open up a harem because we have our own desires. Anyways I'm going to bed. Oh and Harry I need you to take on a job for me. Lately I have been having problems getting good reports on Silvisa. She has probably taken care of all the leaks and holes in her system that I took advantage of; and seeing that Silvisa doesn't know much about your tactics.you might fair a bit better than myself. It will also be a change of pace from killing all the time which you said was getting a bit to much."

"Sounds like just what I need."

"Good. I'll have one of my contacts meet you then, and I'll have you know before you meet her, she is a prostitute, and an ex PBC double agent so you should have your wits about you. "Jay warned him before opening his beaten brown door with number fifteen etched into the top part of the door.


"Yeah, night."

Behind the door was a room lit by the green flash from a computer that pierced through what seemed to be light smoke in the room which did indeed smell of cigarettes and old nacho chips. The sound of the light switch filled the room as a fluorescent light slowly flickered to life. Once the light had brightened enough to fill the room it became quite apparent that Jay was a mixture between slob and overly organized. His work area was surprisingly spotless, bright, and tidy. While the other side of the room where he lived had old cigarette buts and packages laying all over the place among old clothing that looked ready to get up and walk on its own. His bed was in better shape but everything around it was screaming to be cleaned as Jay ignored it dutifully. Jay strolled through undressing himself attempting to throw his clothes in the too full laundry hamper near the small kitchenette which was covered in crusted unknown food particles.  Once he had lied himself on his bed the phone rang.

"What now?" He grumbled lazily grabbing the phone which was buried various articles of chip bags and clothes," Jay Steel speaking, CICADA director." 

"Hello Mr Steel." Said a modified deep voice," I must apologize but for precautionary reason my voice will be modified and I cannot tell you my real name but I shall have you call me Cloud 70. It has come to mine and some of my clients knowledge that a man by the name of Vir has set up his own shop for assassins in this city of ours.  His clientele however a very different plan that deviates from mine and your own. They threaten the balance of background activity in our city here. I will have you paid quite handsomely if you can settle this manner, and I'm sure that getting rid of this man will also be a blessing for yourself."

"Err thanks. I'm sure we'll take the job here at CICADA, but I have never heard of this man myself. If you could get us more possible intelligence the faster we'll be able to deal with this man."

"Yes of course. Tomorrow at 12 0 clock sharp if you could send your only female operative to meet  one my own men at the world trade centre's entrance. They're will be no speaking and she will be handed a black envelope containing the information and opening deposit."

"Alright. Well its nice doing business with ya errrrr ..Cloud 70. Will we be speaking again?"Jay asked.

"Most likely." The voice replied before hanging up abruptly.

"Looks like I'm gonna have to move some people around tomorrow, and another sleepless night for myself." Jay said as he rubbed his eyes tiredly.

The End

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